Propagating Trumpet vines

catniproses(z5 OH)August 24, 2005

How do you do it? Does anybody know? I have propagated AV's with no problem, it's looking great.I'll take pics soon.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Trumpet vine (Campsis ) propagates very easily by simple layering, or air layering. Stake a vine down on the ground, and heap a bit of dirt over it. Keep it moist, and it wil generally be rooted in a few months.


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catniproses(z5 OH)

Do I just cut a piece off of the main plant? How much of it do I cut?It's my neighbors plant.Can I start it now, or do I wait till spring? Sorry for all the questions.


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Be warned about planting trumpet vine. Sure they look nice and attract humming birds, but I have a mature one that came with the house and pulling those darn shoots out has become a bi-weekly chore. They are everywhere.

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catniproses(z5 OH)

That's ok, I have a very long split rail fence I want to cover.Thanks for all the info.

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I took cuttings about 2 weeks ago from a friends.I put them in pots w/composted pine bark and a soda bottle on top.Looked today and they are putting out new growth already.I root almost every thing this way now since learning this from Millie and I am having a very high % rate of success.I even left the soda bottles on a few roses I thought were lost and looked yesterday and they are also putting out new growth.So,I say,take cuttings now.
Annette in Ga

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I saw a vine with seed pods on it like green beans. Can a new vine be grown from the seeds?

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how many thousand vines do u want?mine vines self sow seeds like crazy...wait till the pods are ready to burst ,get the seeds and winter sow them ,,,very easy

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