Few more Photos...

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)August 28, 2012

I just want to share a few more pics of my blooming beauties! :)

Rhonda still blooming like a rockstar. :)

I thought Thumbalina was done but then she made a come back and even though her leaves are burnt, she's still blooming like crazy!


Wizard is fast becoming one of my favorites. I love the different faces of Wizard and her spicy sweetness.

Wizard so beautiful

Mary Helen Eggenberger getting ready to bloom.

To me MHE spells like sweet grapes.

I love MHE's soft colors. So soothing and beautiful.

Kimi M...my only blooming purchase recently.

I love how vivid KM looks! She has a great scent too.

This is my 2nd Wildfire I bought recent w/ inflo. She finally bloomed! What a gorgeous flower!

WF... my beautiful girl!

A cool shot of my J105.

Finally J105 showing more colors. I love how thick her petals are... but I detect very little scent. :(

I bought this JL Red at Armstrong today... I am hoping that she's really JL Red-Orange. But regardless I couldn't walk away from her due to her beauty and coconuty scent! I'm a sucker for sweet fragrance!!

Anyone with JL Red-Orange... can you ID her for me??

Last but not least... I did NOT purchase this one although I wanted to so badly but at $99 I just couldn't do it! This is Moragne #23 and her blooms are HUGE!! Bigger than Daisy Wilcox even. Sweet fragrance too. I am going to wait for her to go on sale. But she's so beautiful!! Does anyone know what Moragne #23 is??


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Wow! So many beauties! Kimi Moragne is still on my want list. Laugh.
That last bloom is gigantic! :)


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Thanks for that pic of the Moragne #23. I bought a rooted cutting this year.

Are your burnt leaves from the wall?

Can you describe Thumbalina's scent?

WF is awesome!

I see a Rhonda flower fit for the flower show! :)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

A Moragne #23 is just that, I don't believe it has any female name of a Moragne assigned. Bill had 282 seedlings by number and assigned female names to just a handful. Your wildfire sure looks very pink to me. My wildfire is very red even without your heat and humidity.

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According to The Moragne Plumerias by Richard A. Criley & Jim Little, Grove Farm was crossed with Kohala Red to produce Kimi Moragne. Now, Kohala Red was eventually registered as Scott Pratt and Grove Farm was registered as Daisy Wilcox. However, they also mention that the one now registered as Grove Farm is a different flower than the one that Moragne used.

To make it cloudier, MPG has a cutting of a #23, and it is listed as a cross of Daisy Wilcox and Scott Pratt.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Robert - Kimi M is gorgeous and has a nice strong fragrance as well. You will love i!

Mona - you lucky ducky! Moragne #23 is now on my wish list. I can't get over how large the flower was. The scent was also very nice too. I'll keep calling and see when they will mark it down. :) And yes the leaves burnt were from the walls. It only took 4 days or so but by then the damage was done. The good news is she's pushing out some very healthy green leaves so I think she will be ok.

Bill - thanks for clarifying about Moragne #23. Yes your Wildfire is very red indeed! Strange thing is when we get a heat wave like the last couple days my flowers turned back to pink and some even purple. I am so confused! I thought the heat make them more red? So strange! I am finding that my flowers do the best in the high 80s... but turn weird in the low to mid 90s. Go figure.

DelWH - wow that's confusing! What craziness.

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Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting those.

What is that very thick plumie behind Rhonda?

I have a young JL Red-Orange--it hasn't bloomed yet--and it has distinctively thin branches. I mean, really thin. IF it's actually a JL R-O, of course, lol. I bought it at the PSA sale last year, so I hope so.

M #23 is spectacular, and you could use some more yellows in your collection, N-C, but remember that she is one of the tallest Moragnes. How was the scent?

Officially all the Moragnes are a cross of Scott Pratt and Daisy Wilcox. Del's right on about the crazy name changes. Grove Farm is now another flower altogether. I think Bill M. annotated D. Wilcox as Grove Farm because that was the locale where DW was discovered. Kohala, I believe, was the generic name based also on locale.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


The thick tree behind Rhonda is my Star of Siam... she's the one w/ the seed pod!

Oh oh my JL Red has a stocky trunk and fat green leaves. But I love love the fragrance. Sweet coconuty... so that's good enough to me. Plus thus far she is the only one that I have that's showing a tad more red than pink. Even my Wildfire is more pink... but it's a young plant so hoping that will change?

I love Moragne #23 for sure. She has a great sweet smell... I would say medium so you can definitely smell it w/out having to stick your face all the way in. Don't worry I'm stalking her.

Yeah I find the names confusing... so for the most part I go by my nose. If it smells good then it comes home with me. :)

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You might have "no clue" but you sure do have flowers!!! Absolutely beautiful :-) Thanks for sharing and for stoking my envy LOL and also for lengthening my wish list...jeez... ;-)

Kimi M was one of my few purchases this year...now I'm even more excited to own it!

I'm sure you know this, but, I'm sure you can get a nice Moragne #23 for a lot less than $99...that is really steep IMO, blooming notwithstanding.

Congrats and enjoy!


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thank you Greg... I agree $99.99 is pricey for a plant. I learned it the hard way. I paid some crazy prices at the beginning but now I learned that unless it's a very very RARE variety I can always find it somewhere else. I'm confident that at $99.99 it would be hard for Armstrong to move these plants so they will have to lower the price at some point. I'll keep calling. :)

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Yeah, $99 is a pretty gutsy price to put on these things when you can get a nice fat two-foot rooted plant for well under $50 including the shipping.

Forgot to say earlier how beautiful MHE is--such an elegant color and shape!

Your Wildfire looks like the right tone of color--an almost purple red--just not the right saturation. But that could just be from being on a shady balcony. Is that the one Barbra found for you? How's the scent? (I'm starting to sound like you, LOL!)

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Now I have a list of pictures to go with my wish list. Clara

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Andrew Scott

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to chime in on the Moragne 23. I also agree that $99.99 is outrageous for a Moragne 23! I bought a really nice cutting from Hetty Ford in the spring. I paid either $25 or $30 for an unrooted cutting that is about 14 in tall.

I also know that Florida Colors carries it if you don't mind buying it grafted(I actually like grafted trees now, especially from Florida Colors. You get such a nice large healthy root ball!).

Hi No Clue,
Thanks for posting your pictures of your awesome plumerias! I have many of the same varieties you have. I just haven't seen them bloom yet. I also have 'Rhonda' 'Kimi Moragne'and I have 1 M.H.E. seedling.

Bill was really the one responsible for me wanting 'Kimi M'. I saw it in bloom and yes, I very much enjoyed the fragrance(even though I wont even try to describe it, it was 1 of my favs. I saw it in bloom at Florida Colors on there large tree. It was very impressive!) and I cannot wait to see mine bloom.

Rhonda I bought back in May before all the hype caused many of us to go buy it. I love my 'Rhonda', It's a very nice tree with 3 tips. Again, I haven't seen it bloom.

I hope you do buy the 'Moragne 23'. Mine has yet to bloom but what a flower!! I love the bright yellow color, and the SIZE....VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Take care everyone!

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Well, I paid $32 including shipping for my M #23 and it had an inflo! LOL
But, I got a few blooms before the inflo aborted. One thing I've learned... wait for your own inflo and don't try to buy plants with inflos that have to be shipped. That wasn't the first time that happened. Now maybe I could try one with a teeny tiny inflo just developing and maybe it would do better? Who knows, Live and learn.

Bill's wildfire is just gorgeous! Love that dark veining.

Lynn, I have gotten weak. If you can find a 1 gallon Rhonda, and have room in your car, please get her for me. It will be my birthday present to myself. :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok Mona... I'm going to call John in a little bit. His one gal Rhonda is $34.99 plus shipping fee.

Last time I spoke to him he said he thought he might have a 5 gal... wonder what size he will be bringing to the show.

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I wish you would quit this! I have such plant envy now.
Tally Ho!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

LOL Tally... I totally understand. When I see James' or Bill's collection I am filled w/ envy too! Mine is not diverse or unique like theirs. But I'm trying to get there. :)

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Yippee! Maybe I will be able to get Rhonda after all!

I wish you would quit this! I have such plant envy now.
Tally Ho!
Coming from someone that just went and bought a whole bunch of big 6' and 8' potted plants plus 3' and seedlings and lord only knows what else, dirt cheap?? LOL

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I just ordered a rooted Kimi M from MPG and a 3 tip Madame Poni cutting. I was tempted to also get the #23 cutting from there, I think it was around $15 or so but I held off when the totals in the cart came up. This gets expensive fast! lol

When I reread the info on the Moragne's, it wasn't that clear at first but I now can see where all the Moragne's came from that same pair of parents.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Im lovin' that Moragne #23. It's so gorgeous! The size of the flowers is to die for. XD

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