Choosing Grafting Understock

dahlia_guy(Zone 8 Oregon)August 19, 2007

Where can I find out what types of understock are compatible with which scion wood? What understock do you use if you want to graft a Hydrangea paniculata on a standard? What about Syringa meyeri on a standard? These are just a few of the many examples I am looking for answers to. I have heard of some strange combinations that I would never think of, like grafting Chamaecyparis pisifera on Thuja occidentalis. Is there an "understock" book that tells all of this info? Many thanks!


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Go to the California Gardening Forum and page down in the list to find a thread I started called "Graft and Corruption". There you will become aquainted with a fellow named Joe Real, who has done a lot of grafting of fruit trees and is very knowledgeable.

You may in fact find your answers in that thread and if not, perhaps Joe can help you out. He is more involved with fruit trees however and not hydrangeas.

Note that the thread reveals that grafts do not typically hold across plant family lines, if at all or rarely so.

Good Luck

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