zinnia cuttings

bittenbythebug(TEXAS)August 16, 2005

Is it possible to grow new plants from Zinnia cuttings, perhaps if stimulated with some kind of hormone? Many of my Zinnias have become long and leggy, but toward the end of the stem, they have nice foliage and flowers. Could those be cut, stimulated and replanted?

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You sure can and I would definately use the hormone. I do the same with marigolds when I find one that I really like. I do tomatoes this way too . I buy a large plant of what ever variety and take cuttings, that way are big plants to begin with. sometimes the cats break some of the branches and I'm forced to do that.

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I'm so glad you asked this question. Plus I love the answer!! :)

I never would of thought to root my zinnias or my marigolds! That's fabulous!!
I all ready have big ones from seed, but now I can get more from those once they get big.

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