Losing Some Leaves

saleveneJuly 21, 2014


My best performing plant is going through a huge harvest right now... Setting tons and tons of pods. In the last day or so, I noticed a few leaves here and there yellowing and falling off. Overall, the plant seems super healthy and has tons of green foilage (I'd say more than 95%). It hasn't been overwatered, because I often times wait until the leaves droop.

I was curious if this is normal and/or if I should do anything about it?

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I believe this is normal.... Mine are also producing like crazy right now and are doing the same thing.

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Just LOWER yellowing leaves? If so, nothing to worry about.


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Hey Kevin,

Its not at the top top, but its not at the very bottom either. I want to say its older foilage, but not 100% sure. I just read in your other post re: environmental damage. Its been unusually sunny here over the past 10 days... every single day. BUT, it doesn't get past 80 degrees and then plant itself is watered when needed. Could be the overload of sun when its used to a good mix? (again no more than 5 hours/day on this one)

A few months back, when they started to yellow, you guys had recommended I dose it with some ferts. Since then I have been giving a light dose every few waterings or so, but do you think I should up the fertilizer a bit?

Its hard to take good pictures because of the location on the balcony but here are a few.

(I'm posting a few, because the light in one of them makes it look like they are all lighter green/yellowing, but thats not the case.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Geez, I think they look great.

How are you dosing compared to the directions on the box (bottle?) ?


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Thanks Dennis. So those yellow leaves don't look to be a concern?

Well, I have 3 fertilizers, a 15-15-15, a similar one but weaker (1.1-3-0.3) and a "all the non-essential" nutrients. On each one, for a container that size, it says give 4 pellets every 15 days. However, I've been doing 1-2 15-15-15, 1 weak one and 1 of the "other" nutrients. I was doing this every few waterings (~3 weeks).

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Salavene: is that yellowing around the leaf EDGES? If so, that's fert burn.

When fertilizing, make sure you water thoroughly first also.

Also, that triple 15 stuff needs to be used sparingly... maybe a couple times a season. Try to find a fert that's lower %'s all around so you can feed them consistently.

Another thing, how big are the containers and how long have they been planted? I've noticed towards the end of the season that leaf loss is more prevalent and I attribute it to the plants getting stressed because of the roots outgrowing the container(s). In your case(where the season never ends), you may want to pot up.

Like Dennis said though, plants look healthy for the most part.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

See if you can find a fert with more nitrogen, optimally with a 3-1-2 NPK ratio (or multiple thereof). That is the ratio that pepper plants actually use the nutrients, so you're not shorting one and overloading the other.


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Kevin - It looks like a few of the leaves are yellowed around the edges, but more seems to be the overall yellowing that I mentioned originally. Sort of weird, because as you can see, I used 1 of the 15-15-15 when the package recommends 4!

In any event, if they look healthy, (not that I use it that much), I'll try to be more sparing with the 15-15-15... I can switch it up for the weaker one I had mentioned.

Its been in there since December, repotted in February with better soil and this is the 2nd harvest... after this harvest, which I expect to be massive, I'll look into potting up. I really don't know how big that one is to be honest... I would guess 2-ish gallons.

Dennis - I'm in Colombia and I haven't been able to find the same options we have back home, but I will check some of the nurseries and see if I can find something better. For now, I suppose I'll just use the weaker one.

Thanks guys for the help, always learning something!

I'll post pics in a month or so, there must be over 50 on there right now, pretty excited!

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