Grape vine has leaves, now what?

BegoniaRob(8B/9A)August 18, 2012

I think I have successfully propagated a concord grape cutting because it has leaves. The cutting is in a pot and needs more room for growth. I'd like to transplant to a larger container--how many leaves should there be to transplant successfully?

What is the planting depth needed?


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Unfortunately the amount of foliage on a cutting, is not a dependable measure of the amount of roots. If it has been two months or more since the cutting was stuck and it is growing without mist or tenting, you should be safe to pot up the size of pot. Al

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Give the cutting a gentle tug if great resistance then roots have formed.... planting depth should be the same as it is in the rooting soil mixture.....

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Knowing how much is a "gentle tug" will require some experience. As you gain this "experience" by trial and error you will pull a few that are not rooted. When this happens, you can just put the cutting back, and give it more time, you have not in most cases done any harm. Al

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