New growth on Schefflera broke off; can I use it for propagation?

_Tara_August 5, 2012

My Schefflera (Amate?) fell over from a gust of wind, and one of the new "buds" of growth broke off. The growth was shooting out of the top of one of the main stems where I had previously done some intense "pruning" (read: hacking). I have down-sized my Schefflera this way before, and it always rebounds with fresh growth at the cut. It should be noted that we recently had a serious heat wave (temperatures from 103-110 DAILY for two weeks or so) that the plant seemed to survive, but perhaps the new growth got dehydrated or something. The bud that popped off seemed to do just that - pop right off. It looks/feels dry at the node it fell off of, though the bud itself is very green and soft.

I am wondering if the "bud" can be used to grow another Schefflera plant, perhaps in the way that other cuttings can be used for propagation? (I have never had success propagating this plant from cuttings in the the past though...)

Pictured are:

// 1 // the original plant (now temporarily stabilized by some other pots - I know the plant needs to be repotted in a bigger container);

// 2 // another bud similar to the one that is now broken off;

// 3 // what broke off, in a shot glass of water until I know what to do with it; and

// 4 // the top of the shoot where the bud broke off from.

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done with this "bud." Thank you!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Check this Schefflera 'bud'.

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