beachplant(9b)August 29, 2012

Cuttings from Aloha Plumeria. These will be potted up tomorrow to start rooting.

Tally HO!

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I ordered 12 from Talei. They were started rooting on the 12th. All but one are showing shiny tips by the claws. That one was a nice 3 tip Celadine, but after a week and a half, I noticed black right at the soil line. Checking I found it soft, pulled it out and it had rotted all the way up. I believe Talei said he will replace that one. I did all 12 at the same time, same half perlite/half cactus mix. That 1 must have just been bad.

Looks like you got a nice selection.


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I got his 10\$60 free shipping deal,his choice of plants.
Good to know yours are doing well, the cuttings are certainly healthy. I will probably put these in the same mix you use to start. Cuttings I put in last month are already very well rooted.
Tally HO!

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Tally those cuttings look great! You got a great selection. I know hilo beauty is just beautiful, I saw it at Franks its almost black red, and the blooms are beautiful. You yard is going to be something with all those new plants. Are you going to dry store them like Emerson and Paula? Barbra

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no, we aren`t as cold as they are despite being only about 30 miles apart. I leave mine in the yard unless a hard freeze is predicted, then drag them in for the night, back out in the am. It is very rare for us to get below freezing for more than a couple of hours once or twice a winter.

Which is why when we do have a really bad freeze the toll is huge here. Our pipes are on the outside of the house with no insulation.
Tally HO!

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