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johngrewSeptember 24, 2013

I have grafted several pear scions onto rootstock using saddle grafts.
This was my first attempt at grafting,
and I wasn't confident any would take,
but they all were successful and are growing very strongly.
So I am really happy with that.
My question is, do these grafts need extra support now to prevent breakage ?
The scions are about 1/8" diameter.


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As long as you do not bump them they will be fine. If you have animals likely to make contact you may have a problem. It looks like you used parafilm to wrap the grafts. I like to paint over the wrap with Doc's which adds a little additional support. Al

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Thanks for that Al
Much appreciated.
Apologies for the late reply, I didn't see any reply notification.
You are correct - I used parafilm.
Quite a few turns and tight.
I will try to get some Docs sealant.

Just wondering do you need to take the parafilm off to avoid choking the new graft ?
If so how long should I wait ?

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parafilm should split/crack as the trunk becomes thicker. you can take it off at this stage as it has served its purpose. in some large scale production the tape is left on even after sale as it doesnt do any harm...

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Thanks for that Timmy.
I will leave the parafilm on for a while.
The scions are still growing vigorously anyway.

Sorry again for the late reply.
I just worked out why I wasn't getting email reply notifications.
One of my email accounts was not downloading to my computer from the server.
Fixed now.

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Both the tape and Doc's will deteriorate and fall off in time. The yellow color of Doc's makes the graft visible and easy to find, some say ugly, but useful. Al

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OK thanks calistoga,
its a lot easier for me to just leave the parafilm on for the time being, so thats all good.

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Where did you get your scions? I have two asian pears (Hoshui and Shinko) and I want to graft a limb of European pears (maybe bartlett or bosc) on each in order to have a tree with both types of fruit. What type of graft do you suggest for production of one limb. Since Asian pears grow very straight, I am considering using a bud graft to add a limb.

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