daydreambelieverJanuary 10, 2013

Hi, I am new to this forum. I have not been able to find much information for those who enjoy their dogs (I have two 9 month old Labrador Retrievers),and momma lab who is 5 yrs old and want a nice yard. While momma dog is mellow at this age, my pups are playful and inquisitive. I am re-landscaping my yard and hopefully can accommodate both animals and humans in mind. I had a dog run placed on the side of my house, so that while the backyard is being redone, my dogs have a place to potty. I am home all day, so they are mostly inside with me.

I am considering St. Augustine sod, placing some poison free plants/shrubs in my newly built planter/retaining wall. I used to have a garden on one side of my yard , but am considering downsizing it:probably 8x11 feet. I just need space for 2 tomato plants and small peppers, etc. I will have another fence built to protect this area from my dogs.

One concern is that when the dogs come out of the run, the area in front of it will get damage from paws and I am trying to figure out what to do for the 5 feet in front of it. I will have sod beyond the 5 ft. Thinking of groundcover? More pea gravel with pavers? Go ahead and put grass there hoping for the best?

I am having a patio cover built for more shade.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Especially in front of the dog run and would St. Augustine be the most durable grass for heavy play time in Southern California? The pic shown is just part of my yard. I didn't know how to include more showing the run and my prior garden area (was 35ftx15).

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amanda_m(z7 MD)

Really thick mulch? They might dig in it a little, but that wouldn't hurt it. You could rake it smooth with very little effort.

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Lala_E(GP, ZA (11))

Not really for the benefit of OP since this is a rather old post, but for benefit of other dog owners who may find this post via Google like I did.

Dogs love Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) for some reason. My family's German Shep Dogs, a Samoyed and Pomeranians all enjoy rolling in it, lying on it and nuzzling it. I found some in areas of our garden when we bought our current place, but have also imported more from my in-laws, to an area where the dogs can't damage landscaping. Once the grass has settled in, it is virtually indestructible.

Ordinary garden mint is also a hit. They roll in that too. We kept a patch for the dog's exclusive use when I was growing up, and a separate patch for culinary use.

I've seen something at pet conventions, dog shows and some nurseries, called pet grass. Haven't grown it, but it seems to be popular. It looks like wheatgrass or oats sprouts.

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