Astroknot(10a)July 6, 2012

This is my first negative review, I'm afraid.

I set up a small trade with Melissa489 on May 19th. I sent out my end right away, but I didn't receive anything from her. After 10 days, I sent an email checking in with her. A few days later, she replied, stating she'd just come back from traveling and had given her mother-in-law my seeds to mail.

I waited another week, emailed her again and politely asked if she'd been able to check with her mother-in-law to see if the seeds had been mailed out. No reply.

I've given up on the seeds. I understand things happen in real life and mix-ups and delays happen. I'm not in any rush to receive my trades, but I still want them to arrive eventually. I'd just appreciate keeping up the communication. I take my trades very seriously and do my best to make sure the other person gets their seeds safely, and I hope that whomever I trade with does the same courtesy to me.

I don't mean this to be a jibe at Melissa, because she seemed nice and maybe she got caught up in something and forgot. But, I'm still leaving this trade very disappointed.

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