Autumn Joy- Sedum

candydawnSeptember 23, 2008

Can I grow some more Autumn Joy Sedum from what I've got. If so, do I just clip one, and can I do it now, and do I just plant it or soak it in water?

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

use division of the clump OR take a 3 eye cutting. apply 0.1% IBA (rooting Hormone) stick in well drain soil Mist

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I root most sedums in water. Once they start to get roots, I move to pots.

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gardendee(8b- FL)

I just stuck some cuttings in potting soil two weeks ago and put the pot in the shade. They look like they are doing fine. I plan to take them in for the winter and plant them in the garden in the spring.
I also laid some of the leaves on the soil around the cuttings and I saw little plants growing on some of the outer margins of few leaves.
Hope this helps.

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This works in MN, but not sure about further south. I cut a large stems in late spring/early summer, or the stems the dogs have broken off, and directly stick them in the garden where I want them. Keep the soil moist and they root just fine.

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