Propagating mums!

hopin4rainSeptember 10, 2010

So I know that you should cut back mums after they have finished blooming and mulch them in well, but what I wanted to know is can I take these cuttings from these mums and root them? Is it ok to root mums in the fall? I was thinking of going and buying a mum from the store and just cutting all its branches before it blooms and rooting them all. Is there any chance of success with this or is it a bad idea to try to root them in the fall?

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it is ok to root in fall BUT will need a protected place to store over winter the air temp should be above 40F
IF you do cut all the branches be sure to remove flowers or the buds.

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If you do not remove buds/flowers the cutting will use energy to maintain the flower & not use the energy to produce roots

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So I want the mums for my wedding but it will be somewhere between the beginning of June and the Middle of July. I heard that you can force mums to bloom if you give them 14 hours of dark at night for 3-4 weeks before you want the flowers. Do you know what all I need to do to accomplish this? How long should the Days be before I start covering them? Should I pinch off the new growth until when I start covering them?

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