Grape propagation?

wlvesrck(7a)September 30, 2006

Hi, i wanted to propagate some of my grape vines, either from seed, or cutting, i really don't want to do layering, b/c of the time it takes and stuff. So does anybody know how to, or can help me out? thanks!

Ryan Harris

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

do Not use seed as you will not get exactly the grape you have now. Take a 3 node cuttings of hardwood (after leaf has died) apply 0.3% IBA Rooting hormone. stick deep in pot so that 2 nodes are burried & 1 node is above the ground. by spring they will have rooted & a new vine started. I keep in pot till end of july then plant in ground.

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Thanks very much! so i need to wait until all of the leaves have fallen off the plant before i take the cuttings? And that should be in like late fall, i think. Thanks again!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I had a textbook that suggested bundling cuttings and burying them upside down below the frost line in the fall and then digging them back up and rooting them in some potting medium in the spring. I have never had any opportunity to try this method.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

I have taken dormant cuttings in January, bundled them in a plastic bag with their lower ends in a wad of damp sphagnum moss, and placed them in a refrigerator crisper drawer till spring. Great rooting and 100% success.


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Thank you George!

I just picked our golden muscat grapes and had a flash that maybe I could propagate some more.

Thanks for the info. I'll give your method a try.


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A few species of grape are near impossible to root from a cutting, like the Muscadines, and Aestevalis/Lincecumii.
Also, be aware that ungrafted Vinifera Grapes are suc. to many root problems, unless you have super sandy soils.
Phyloxerra is the big problem.
Hybrid and Native Grapes usually have some disease resistance.
Vinifera Roots pretty easy but beware.

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I have propagated Grape vines from cuttings before, but I was wondering how long it takes before they start fruiting?

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You can expect a few bunches in the 2nd year but many will have bunches in the 3rd year and gradually increase production with age.
BTW, I got roots and shoots after 4 weeks in Perlite-Vermiculite mix at 80F temeprature for New York muscat, Vanessa and Reliance grape vine cuttings.

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I took several dormant cuttings in the spring (Concord, Niagara, Himrod and St Croix). I placed them in 4 large pots and covered the 2 nodes with Miracle Gro potting soil exposing 1 node above soil. I had nearly a 100% success rate. All the cuttings were growing nicely.
After a few weeks of growth, the new growth started to turn a pale brown and dry up. Almost all of them have died. I have noticed that when I pull out a dead cutting, It has no root development. What did I do wrong?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You don't have to wait for dormant. Green Softwood Cuttings are easy and root and grow in about 9 days. Google "green softwood grapevine cuttings." I just did it, and about 80% have taken root. You need a vigorous shoot, cut it just below a leaf with about 3 leaves above. Strip all the leaves off except for the top one, and cut that in half. Then put them in wet perlite and potting soil, and keep them moist. I have some in the ground and some in pots with plastic over like little mini greenhouses. Only one has a dead leaf so far, and many are showing growth of new leaves. Very easy process to get hundreds of vines from one. Next year they will all be as big as one you planted bare root. Have fun!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Ooooops! I forgot one step for the green cuttings. Dip them in rooting hormone prior to sticking them in the potting soil.

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To propagate muscadines, take several cuttings with at least 3 leaf nodes.
Bundle them together, all in the same direction.
Dig a hole and place the bundle in the hole upside down.
cover with soil and mark the location.
Next spring dig up the cuttings and they will be calloused.
Place the calloused cuttings, callous down in a bed of damp sand in a shaded area.
The callouse is where the roots will form in a few days.
It is a pretty good way to root muscadines.

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