prayerrock(zone 5)August 8, 2009

This person and I had a trade were I sent her over 20 small crocosmia bulbs(yellow and orange). She was to send me a nice size clump of tri color sedum and a rooted verigated jade cutting. She sent me an email letting me know she got my bulbs and was very please with the colors they are. She got my package within a week of us setting the trade up. 3 weeks later after several times of her telling me she was sending my package and not getting anything from her I started to question her. She got very irate with me and wrote an email with prophanity and more excuses. She said somthing about her husband being sick....I can understand some one being sick and there is grace for these type things as they do happen.

However she also wrote me an email telling me she went to the post office and weighted the package and did not want to ship my plants prioroty mail because it cost to much so she didnt ship them at all!! She also stated several times that they would be shipped on Monday..that never happened. So, I do question the sincerity of this trader. If I do ever recieve my package from her I will post about it.

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She didn't send me anything either (i mailed bulbs to her 7/20-she received them). Emailed her twice to ask when/if she was sending. She never responded. Too bad~she seemed very nice, but I can't recommend trading with her.

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