Preparing a Plumeria cutting

willajoSeptember 24, 2009

I'm new to gardening and even newer to plumerias. I have found quite a bit of info about planting a cutting, but not much about how to take a cutting, prepare it and store it.

A coworker was kind enough to give me the plumeria cutting below. From what I read, I should trim the leaves off the plant which I did. What else do I need to do? Do I need to cut off the flowers and that claw thing at the top?

Is this cutting an appropriate size? It is end of September here in Long Beach where I live. Would it be best if I stored the cutting until the spring to plant, or do I have enough time to get it to root before the winter? For storage, I was planning to just stick it in my closet until sometime in March.. does that sound right? Am I missing anything else?

Thanks so much for your help!

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I live in Thousand Oaks and have just started several cutting about the same size in my greenhouse. I cut off most of the leaves (except the leaves emerging from the top of the cutting) and I cut off the bloom. I would think you are OK to start the cutting now since you live in Long Beach. Just baby it until next spring.

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