IDing pepper

Kes2883July 13, 2012


I have a very casual small garden with an unidentified plant in it. My husband brought home a pepper plant and I popped it in without even thinking about reading the tags. I remember it said something about sweet and spicy or hot on the tag. The plant has stayed quiet small only maybe 6 ins tall and kind of bush like with darker green leaves. Does anyone recognize it? My best guess so far has been a habanero. Thanks!

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It's really hard to tell from this picture, and pod shapes can vary greatly even on the same node so it's hard to tell from just one picture. It looks like it has some pest damage or rot, and I'm guessing it's not ripe. I googled pepper pictures real fast and found unripe aji limo, ghost pepper, bhut jolokia, habanero and jalapeno pictures that look like that. Eat it and post what it tastes like, that will help narrow it down.

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gro-nut(6a se MI)

Did it say Texas sweet heat?

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