Holy Haleakala! Holy Hawaiian Coral!

SFLGPlumeSeptember 21, 2012

I decided to start a new thread rather than continue the old one...not sure why...maybe I just wanted to use my Bat-Man-inspired subject line...dating myself once again, K...

This will also serve as my contribution to the "last hurrah" thread started by Robert (I think?). So, here's what's still blooming at my house...

Haleakala's just getting started, and the inflo is already so stunning as to be jaw-dropping:

The yellow throat glows like a candle in the half-open flowers--it's quite something!

Hawaiian Coral is similarly arresting:

Andrew, you asked about this tree's growth habit and scent. The scent is heavy, thick, sweet, but not at all sickening...it's a gorgeous scent IMO, certainly one of the "biggest" that I've smelled. As for growth habit--well, as we were discussing in my last thread, not sure what will happen next year, but HC is a seedling of Veracruz Rose, so it's got "giant" genes LOL it grew pretty vigorously this year. Comparing it to Kona Candy (I hate picking winners LOL) I guess I'd say HC wins out because of the beautiful scent (KC has only a light carnation-like scent). As for JL Orange Ribbon, can't speak to that...I have the other one, 'Hawaiian Ribbon', but it hasn't bloomed for me yet.

Neon Lights lookin' and smellin' fabulous...this flower is really amazing and I don't think I've yet managed to capture the true appearance of this bloom in a photo...but I'm trying.

I still have a lot of trees giving blooms here and there...you guys have seen them all before,..

Charlotte Ebert *swoon* (Mona, did you lose yours?!? :( )

Waimea's inflo is about spent:

JJ Mini-White is still blooming strong (lousy phone cam pic, sorry)

Divine gives out flowers like party favors, she's an absolute machine! (We love her for that :) )

Brand-new inflo on JL Tidal Wave...hope I can keep this sucker on there once the days get short!

Donna S paparazzi style, at night:

One more full-on of Ms. Donna, who's now blooming on two tips. Jen, this photo's for you--the branch segments covered by the aluminum "valley roll" corresponds roughly to the amount that this tree grew last year. (By the way, the valley roll didn't do s*** to stop the iguanas but it does keep snails off the foliage.) That's easily 15 inches, in case you can't tell. But look at what it did this year! About 4 branches from each tip (they sealed over early in the season) and a couple of inches of great, tight growth.

It's late and I have to get myself to bed, but I had a few thoughts about the general growth habit discussion that we were having in my last thread that I will try to share tomorrow.

'Night, everyone.


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I can't tell you how envious I am.
Since neither Target or Wallmart is going to be selling Haleakala anytime soon, is there any way we can do a group purchase of cuttings and get a discount?? :)
Beautiful flowers, Greg. Goodnight.

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Holy Sheet Metal! Donna S. looks like she's going into the Thunderdome! Yeah, I know, I'm dating myself.

That is so funny, Greg, the lengths we'll go to to keep the critters off. Funny and a bit crazy. So the new tips sealed over or the big branches sealed over and then re-branched? Thanks for posting that for me.

Now, onto Haleakala: Yowza! Even the buds are extra elegant! And Hawaiian Coral makes a lovely full inflo. And being an orange nut Waimea's last blooms are spectacular. Mini-white's red petioles also very cool against the white flowers and dark foliage.

Aw, heck, they're all gorgeous! One request, though: Can you make the photos bigger? Some of us are near-sighted. 8)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh darn you Greg! I was DONE for the season as in stick a fork in me. I was one satisfied girl yesterday after receiving my Metallic... but then you decided to post! And now I will have to search until the end of the earth to get Haleakala and Hawaiian Coral!

You know I still have not forgiven you for posting all those photos of Waimea which motivated me to keep buying and buying now I ended up with THREE!

SemiDude, what group purchase? I'm in let's do it!

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Hi Greg, great photos as always. Waimea is still one of my favorites... the flowers look almost like negatives or something, seems like often the throat color is the darker color but not in this case! Actually that may not be accurate or descriptive but something is unique about the color scheme that is hard to articulate I guess.

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Thanks Greg for posting. You always have such good pics showing off the blooms. I sure hope mine do something next year. What are we going to do in a few more weeks with the winter blues setting in. Bloom withdrawal :( Peg

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Oh my goodness Haleakala is to die for! I love rainbow coloration an I'm such a sucker for them. Makes me wish I had that in my collection but I hope that the JL Hawaiian Titanic will look similar to that. *crosses fingers*

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Great Job and photos as always. I prefer to let the slow but steady northward retreat of my hairline show my age... But when in Rome...Donna S. looks like wonder woman with her bulletproof bracelets. Go Linda Carter.

Beer also works for snails. Wonder if it works for big lizards too?

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NoClue, I didn't have any group purchase in mind, just tossing out ideas!

Greg, I'll say it again, I love that Haleakala (not that all your other plants aren't beautiful, too).

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Once again the computer is covered in drool!
Gorgeous blooms Batman!
Tally HO!

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Holy Smokes,Greg! Are you too old to be my adopted son? If you're over 40 then you'll have to be my little brother, but there would be so much fun in that! LOL

yes, a storm came along and blew over a larger plant right onto my CE. She broke right along the graft. I have taped her up so we shall see. I just don't feel good about the graft rehealing. Luckily, Tally sent me a CE cutting that a dog had broken off of someone's tree so, in time, I can still have gorgeous CE flowers like yours. :)

My fav photo of this group is Divine (waiting impatiently for mine to grow up). 3 inflo's? Just lovely! And 2nd is Haleakala, or maybe Waimea. No, definitely Haleakala and then Hawaiian Coral, then Waimea. Your Donna S keeps on keepin' on! What a beauty!

Thank you!


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very nice!


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DISCLAIMER: ridiculously wordy post below! Advance apologies!

My belated thanks to you all for your compliments, and for the laughs--maybe I should start calling Donna S "Mad Max" or "Wonder Woman" LOLOL Nothing cracks me up more than recalling memories of our collective 70s-80s past :) K, do you suppose my cousin would KILL me for recollecting on here how he used to stick a towel in the back of his shirt, and then spin himself around like WW? LOL!!! (But not me...I never did that...nope, nope...)

OK, Jen, speaking of dating one's self: I am so freaking clueless when it comes to computer issues--I have absolutely no idea how to make my photos larger! Perhaps you can help me--you use Flickr too, right? I'm all ears :)

To your question, Jen, Donna S was sluggish to come out of dormancy this past spring--by the time she did, two of her three tips had sealed over. Those two both eventually branched profusely (4 each, I believe), and on one of those two, the biggest new branch popped an inflo. The second inflo is on the tip that did not seal over. Clearly, this tree wants to put out flowers...and I ain't complainin'!

K, you next: beer and snails?...discuss... :)

Mona, how totally cool that you work at a plant farm!!! I'm jealous. BTW I'm 40 exactly, so my family relation with you would I suppose depend on how young you would have become a mom LOL that's YOUR call, not mine haha :) but son, brother, good either way! :) So sorry to hear about your Charlotte E, but how nice to hear of the generosity of Tally in sending you a replacement! Sending a shout out and a thank-you to her too!

Simi, thank you for your kind words. Haleakala is a stunner, for sure--I'm tickled with it. Tell you what--if Haleakala continues to be unavailable in the years ahead (which would be a real pity, gotta say), reach out to me...perhaps we will be able to arrange a trade. Based on your lovely photos, I am certain that you have some beauties that I might be interested in! Deal?

Lynn, like I always say on here: we addicts help each other remain in denial by continuing to enable each others' addictions. You don't have to thank me LOL it's my pleasure :) Besides, your amazing collection has made my own wish list considerably longer too mmmkay? ;)

Kim--thanks, and please, please post photos of your Titanic when that ship comes in!! I coveted that lovely flower and bid on it multiple times in past years but never came out on top.

Peg, thanks to you as well, and you'll be pleased to know that your Veracruz Rose is becoming a lovely little baby tree :) It was probably all the better for our waiting on the shipping. You'll have Christmas at Thanksgiving in St. Pete!! :) So exciting, right?

Brian: thanks! Do you have Waimea? It really is one of the best, both in appearance and in scent.

Houston: I giggled when I saw your post, and appreciate the kind addition to my Bat-post LOL I have been admiring your gorgeous photos as well! Shame on me for not adding my compliments to your post. Good work!

OK, call me Mr. Diarrhea of the Mouth...I'll wrap this up, but, I appreciate everyone's insightful comments on the topic of general growth habit as our trees age. Next season will be the year where the majority of my collection will turn 3 (so, so many bought in the frenzy of 2010--yeowza!) and I hope and pray that I will be able to report next year at this time that year 3 is when our trees "stop the madness" and become adults, thereafter growing slowly and modestly. If it turns out that they continue to grow as fast as they have so far, I'm gonna have a big problem on my hands! Holy hugeness!

In closing: here's a phone camera pic of Haleakala from early this morning-- as Jen aptly says: THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!
Have a great week, all.


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I think we all have had Diarrhea of the Mouth at some point. haha. I know I have when I was younger. :D

It will probably be a while before I see blooms from Titanic but when I do, I will definitely share! I'm like a little kid that gets a new toy when it comes to sharing / showing off something new (it makes me proud lol). The cutting I received just had an inflo on it an it produced 2 new branches. It looks quiet naughty looking at the moment if you catch my sense of humor. ;) Matt had 3 of them for sale on ebay, didn't have to bid or anything (I hate bidding because I always lose *whomp whomp*). Right now its rooting on my heat mat with the help of a heat lamp. So far so good, already have shiny tips. :)

Oh an if your haleakala goes missing, don't look at me...I'm INNOCENT LOL.

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Well, blow me down. Never have I been asked a technical question! If it weren't for my own in-house "tech support" I would still be using dial-up and an old Tandy, teehee.

And I can't believe I can actually answer your question, Greg:

On your Flickr page for each individual photo under "Share" is a drop down menu. Click on the "Grab the HTML/BBCode", then under the box with all the code you'll see another drop down menu with sizes, about nine different ones. I always use "large" 'cause when I get my rare blooms I want them to SHOUT!

If your pics are so fantastic when medium-sized, I can't imagine how much more excited (incited?) we'll all be when they're bigger.

Thanks for clearing up the Donna S. sealing-over question. She really does want to bloom!

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You crack me up! But I'm impressed with your ability to answer my question. I never noticed the additional drop-down box under the code...but now I know how. Thanks!

You also made me laugh. You're talking to a true "sick-o" so be assured that I catch your sense of humor! I'm always having to censor myself, especially on a "family forum" such as this ;-) Good luck with Titanic, I'm sure it'll make you proud LOL I understand that too.

Regarding Haleakala, you'll have the perfect alibi: IGUANAS lol (but don't be gettin' any ideas now mmkaay) ;-)


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Greg, that's a deal!

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Just looked at your photos on the other thread--just gorgeous! Deal it is, then.


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Thank you, Greg, that's much appreciated. I'll be posting some more plumerias soon, I have some others, and some new ones and a Hilo Beauty that should be opening for the first time this week. I'm excited about that!

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Greg, I love your "DISCLAIMER" but I thought it was "Diarrhea of the keyboard". Your right on, it will be Christmas at Thanksgiving. I'm so excited. Mine will be down for the count by then. You should see us coming home with plants. I take a wool blanket with to cover anything that can't be removed from the car easily and anything that is small enough is moved into the hotel room. We stop in South Carolina to break the trip up and it has been cold enough for frost some years. Got to be prepared. Peg

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