Can I leave an air layer on the plant all winter?

stuckinthedirt(6b VA (Shenandoah Valley))September 5, 2010

I am trying to air layer several of my mother-in-law's camellias. I set them up in the beginning of April. We came to visit over the weekend, and I checked one. It has a large callus, but no roots yet. Is it ok to leave the air layer on the bush for the winter, or will the cold temperatures kill any roots that may be developing? They live outside of Charlotte, NC, so they get minimum temps of about 10F.

My other thought would be to cut them off the bush later in the fall, pot them up, and put in a protected spot outside where the roots wouldn't freeze.

What are people's experience with this?

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I would suggest you leave the plant(s) as is do not remove BUT do keep the soil around the plant DAMP not wet. this will prevent the roots (but not the soil) from freesing

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