Late season blooms - Double Singapore

mjhuntingtonbeachSeptember 26, 2012

Well, it looks like the rage to post what is blooming this late in the season. Some of my plants are already dropping leaves like a frost just hit, others just off their strides, and others, blooming for the first time this past two weeks.

Three years ago I bought a variety on ebay that the vendor called "Double Singapore". It was a skinny stick grafted onto a larger rootstock. It grew a few leaves, never very vigorous, but all of a sudden this summer it started growing multiple branches, three, and starting about 6 weeks ago an inflorescense. The stem is still just barely thicker than a pencil and doesn't seem to be thickening up. The leaves were always different from the standard plumeria, glossy, very blade like, possibly a Singapore type although not evergreen.

Well it finally bloomed, and the flowers were so heavy the entire head drooped down. Massive flowers, very pretty. Looked just like the vendor's picture on Ebay.

Here are some pictures:

last week:

This weekend/week:

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Luv the dark glossy obtusa leaves. Could be a Singapore seedling. Was it an import or domestic seller? Does she smell like Singapore ? Thanks for the show

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I got it from a grower in Thailand, so there you go. I will have to resniff it tomorrow, my recollection is that it is a faint but sweet, pleasant smell.

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Those are some goregous blooms!
Thanks for sharing.
Tally Ho!

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coke_nut(9b Orlando)

Really nice !

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Beautiful buds on that one, almost a lavender pink. And a very attractive white bloom, too. Looks like she smells good. Must be an obtusa/rubra cross.

It's nice to hear about it taking off after three years and finally producing, just like the old adage: The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps.

Was that the same Thai vendor you got the Multiple Gold from?

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Well we shall see if the spurt continues next year. As to vendors, no, that was a different vendor ... looking back at old emails I see I spent, ouch, $25 for it from a Thai vendor on ebay called "123yaowaluk" and I don't recall seeing an offering of this particular variety or that vendor in a long time. The "Multiple Gold" aka "J4" came from a vendor with an ebay handle of "anyamanee_p" who I know I have seen on ebay recently, and even offering the same variety. But I don't think they export to the US anymore, or at least California - we have overzealous USDA officials that have been know to confiscate most live plants going through Los Angeles.

Another "Wow" - looks like I bought both of them in 2008, making this year 5 for both trees. Multiple Gold has been a trouper since year 2, Double Singapore just starting now in the fall of year 5, so there goes that 3 year theory of yours ;)

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mjhuntingtonbeach, I've bought from "anyamanee_p" and don't have a problem in VA. Most come through good but if I have a problem, I send a pic and they replace it. One they had to replace twice before I got one to make it. I know others who have bought from them too with good success. Peg

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