Please advise on rooting

NguySeptember 30, 2013

Hi all,

I got some plumeria cuttings from a swap meet this morning. The cuttings were cut yesterday. Do you think it is late to do rooting now? Should I wait until next year? I am living in Inland Empire (southern California). Please give me some advices.


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Where are you in So Cal? I am still rooting mine. You need to let them heal for about a month before planting
then dip in rootone. I use the egg method and hopefully it will work.
Good luck

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Congrats on the cuttings. I just potted up 3 yesterday which have been callusing now for 2 weeks and will do another 2 that I had to re-cut in another 2 weeks. It is late for the season BUT...1st google the "baggy" method of rooting plumeria cuttings. I did this when we came from Hawaii one October. (we are in Ventura)

Then Google the "raw egg rooting method". The baggy worked for me in a dark warm closet. The egg method works for me over the winter in our sunroom. hope this helps...roxanne

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Hi Bill,
I am living in Redlands, which is part of Inland Empire, very hot area. Thanks for your advice.

I just read the baggy method. I will do this method, will leave them in my garage. Thank you so much.

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Took mine about 3-4 months on our 3rd floor (warm) dark closet. roxanne

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Thanks Roxanne, your reply gives me an idea how long it will take. So, I won't worry while waiting for rooting.

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These plants will teach you patience. They do it on their time not ours. If you still have warm days you have a good chance but they could wait for spring to do anything. Good luck and let us know how they do.

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Hi Peg,

Yeah, patience is the name of plumeria growing. It is still warm in my area (around 88 ðF at noon). Thanks Peg. I will update.

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