How do I find the seed on a Victoria Blue Sage?

mt1749September 26, 2013

I'm hoping that by overwintering my Victoria Blue they will survive the winter, but I'm not holding my breath. I want to try to grow some from seed, but I have never grown anything from seed and I feel completely lost.

How and where do I get the seed from the plant?
When should I take the seed from the plant?
What's the next step? And the next?

I have been searching for this information but I haven't found anything that is dumbed down to the level that I need it to be.

Thanks so much for any help/advice. I'm really excited about doing this. I just don't know where to start.

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Seeds are formed from the flower. After the flower fades the seeds are produced. When the flower stems drys cut it off and put it in a paper bag and the seeds will fall out and you will need to find them and separate from the chafe. Seed identification sites are available on the internet to show you what the seed looks like. Some named plants are hybrids not producing viable seeds so you should check. In our climate I take cuttings to expand plantings. Al

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Okay how do you now get results with planting the seed, you told us how to harvest them what next. Please and thank you. Norma

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norma if you want to grow from seed, you need to know all seed can not be treated the same. Many will have ways to prevent germination until conditions are right for their growth. There are sites on line with germination data bases, which will tell you how to treat most seeds before planting, including best temperature for germination. Al

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