msbattSeptember 6, 2012

Last year about this time I was given an Acuba cutting about 15" tall and about as big as Sharpie. It did eventually root, but I'm wondering if this is the best size cutting to take. Would smaller be better? Larger? Ideally, I'd like to root bigger ones, just because I'd be planting bigger starts. On the other hand, I have the material to make about 15 times as many smaller cuttings...

Any advice?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Aucuba is one of those plants that is very easy to root (like willow or forsythia). It's not really about the size of the cuttings as much as it is about the age of the material you are trying to root. Older wood (previous year's growth) may be somewhat slower to root than new wood (semi-hardwood cuttings from this year's growth), but I'll bet either will work for you.

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