slow growth on gardenia cuttings

bama647(7a)September 5, 2010

Hey everyone quick question for the gardenia people on here. I have several cutting I have rooted from an August beauty. I have them in 4 inch pots with about 1/3 each of sand,potting soil and peat. I give them a few hours of morning sun and a couple hours of eveving sun.I really haven't fertilized them except for some weak mixture of the blue stuff once or twice. Anyway my question is although they look healthy and doing well they really haven't put out any new growth. They have had roots for 6 to 8 weeks and I'm just wondering if this is kinda normal or am I missing a key ingrediant to get them going?

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Bama, to me it sounds like you're doing everything right. In my experience, gardenias are in general slow growers. As far as fertilizer is concerned, I would continue doing what you're doing: very rarely and with a very light hand. I assume you're using an acid fertilizer like Miracid. Their growth will pick up when they're good and ready :-) Good luck with them (what's the variety, by the way?) Gary

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Thanks Gary they are from an August beauty

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I just looked it up on the Wayside site. Lucky you! G

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