Housekeeping question: posting within an ongoing thread

ginger_nh(z4 NH)February 4, 2004


Several posters have outlined what they need help with in figuring out how best to renovate their gardens - but the posts have been lost in the replies on long threads regarding other topics(garden hx, common design errors, introductions). I have either e-mailed the posters or answered below their posts, suggesting that they make a free-standing post so that all can view and answer; in effect, to start new threads on their gardens. To date, no one has taken that opportuity. The replies I receive seem that the posters are somewhat miffed, as if they have been told to "go elsewhere." That is certainly not the intention.

We need real-life gardens to talk about, to compliment the history, philosophy, theory, and practices threads. So please do post your garden questions where all visitors to Garden Restoration will be able to read them. Don't be shy!


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ginger_nh(z4 NH)

moving this down

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Ginger, they are in your coat pocket. No, the OTHER coat!

been there, done that--this morning!


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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

WHOA--how did that reply end up on this thread? cue Twilight Zone music...

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