How do you Propagate Neon Flash Spiraea

mary_maxSeptember 17, 2007

What is the best way to propagate this shrub? Thanks so much.

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Spiraea propagates easily from cuttings. Al

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Thanks Al, Can I take the cuttings now or is it too late in the year? If not too late I will do it tomorrow morning. Is it keep in shade until they root... etc. How long does it take? I am so glad to hear that I can do this as I want to make a hedge out of them. How long does it take to get a nice size bush? Thanks again.

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It may be a little late, your seasons are shorter than ours, but give it a try. If you have bottom heat that would help, otherwise keep them in a fairly warm place about 70 degrees and cover with plastic to allow light but limit evaporation. Once rooted they are pretty fast growing, much faster than boxwood, probably about 3 years to a reasonable hedge. Al

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Thanks so much for helping me with this. I will try a milk jug and see if they will grow in this. I love making plants for FREE!!

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