cross stability question bhut x cayenne

scgreenthumb1987(8)July 20, 2014

i know this may seem odd but ive got a new accidental cross. ill take pics tomorrow but its a Cheyenne x chocolate bhut joklokia. kinda a weird plant. the leaves dont look like either annumm or chineses. pod formation is just as you'd expect, longer than normal bhut look, and massive pod production. the seed came from cayenne.

so exactly how do i stable this new breed?

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ronnyb123(Zone 9)

scgreenthumb... that is an interesting cross. Are they chocolate colored and long and hot? I tried to cross some Cayenne with Choc Scorpion but not sure it took. There still hanging in there though.
Looking forward to the pics.

I cant give you specifics that others can, but I do believe you have to grow them at least a few years before they become stable. It is a long process. Grow a few plant, keep the best seeds, then grow again (rinse and repeat).

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no idea about color. the plant was late to grow well. and no ripe pods yet

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If you like any of the traits, then pick the best ripe pods of the lot and save seeds. Seeing as your plants accidentally crossed they are close enough it could happen again. I would isolate that plant or bag a branch or a few flowers to ensure it does not get crossed again with something else. Do this for a few years and it will become a more stable variety.


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

one way would be to cross it (existing F1) with a bhut. Since mother is basically a cayenne then re enforce bhut influence. Or cross it with cayenne to reduce bhut influence.

You can do both and plant the seeds from each and cross them again next year.

Another possibility is to plant as many seeds as you can from current plant next year. You might see variations. Pick the one(s) you like .. continue following years.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Plant as many of the seeds as you can. From those, select the plants with the traits you like (preferably all the same), and repeat for several years. This *should* bring the hybrid closer to stability. But since you are crossing species, that may be difficult or even impossible.


P.S. Wait until you taste some before attempting. They could have inherited the worst traits of both parents - tough skinned, seedy, with moderate heat and no flavor...

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Cool looking At least

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