International Relocation/Propagation/Soil Question

TomasJSeptember 28, 2013

If you were interested in commercial farming of a new tree species outside of its origin country what would you do?

1: The species has never been farmed and no scientific documentation on its likes and or dislikes exists.
2: Fully legal export and import procedures from origin & destination countries are permitting.
3: You have access to the jungle locations where this species grows in abundance.

I'm specifically interested to hear what types of testing (soil, water, etc) you would focus on at the natural origin of the trees, and what types of testing you would do while locating suitable donor land to farm the trees on in another country.

Any & all suggestions you can provide are greatly appreciated.

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Jungle soils are USUALLY shalow, devoid of organic mater & nitrogen etc.... little water retention.... well drained
these are the coil charistics you will be interested in......
some plants from these areas will do better in a deep rich soil.....

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