Low Stress Training. An Interactive bloom booster!

TheGreenCyclerSeptember 24, 2012

We here at Ecotonix have been working hard in our personal time to get the most out of our flowers. One technique I've started implementing and has blown my mind, is what I like to call Low Stress Training, or LST. The concept is extremely simple, and it's a shame that it isn't implemented more often on a commercial level for higher outputs. Anyways, the basic idea, is to reroute growth hormones from the light-seeking internode at the top of the plant, and distribute them equally among other lower lying branches. For warning, I do not have much experience with this technique and vegetables and fruit plants, and don't truly see how it would benefit the plant other than a wider growing area, if that's what you are looking for. As a flowering plant grows upward, while the stem is still soft, you may bend the stem towards the ground gently with rubber wire, or whatever you please. In a few days, you will see the top internode of the bent plant begin to ascend back upwards towards the sun, but this time there will also be one or two more top internodes that have been created, where there used to be normal branches, as the space between the branches, paxil I believe? not sure, begins to have access to sunlight, and hormones have been rerouted to other internodes to grow upwards as if the plant had been broken.

This can be an EXTREMELY rewarding technique, and if done right, may replace your personal growing methods. Have fun experimenting,


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i understand why this might be important in the florist trade.. to increase stems that bloom for cutting..

but i dont see what it would do for most gardeners ...

it is not uncommon.. when trees fall down .. some of them.. that new ones sprout all along the trunk .. i think redwoods do this ...

so why not other things in the plant world ...

good luck


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This is also known as espalier.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Yes - the propensity of horizontal stems to throw vertical shoots has been used for millenia to increase yields. It is an ancient fruit and vine growing technique. Google espalier, cordon, stepover and many other training systems.

It's also used in traditional hedge laying where the stems are not just bent over, they are cut half way through.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit Training Systems

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Flora, love that link - great diagrams!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I've a cosmos, one of the thumb sized stems that might get to six feet, that fell over near a sprinkler. Every six inches or so it has put down roots and shot up stems that are now developing flowers.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Fascinating and cool example, Albert. Hope you get to see some of those flowers before old man winter sets his sights on that awesome plant.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Here's a Perilla (often mistaken for Coleus) stem that grew in the fashion being discussed here. The main stem was laid over sideways, and all of the side branches went into competition to be the new leader.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Here's the top of the same plant.

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