Rooting Salvias

deebie(SC 8a)September 26, 2009

Help! I'm a newbie at propagating. I have some black & blue sage that I would like to propagate. Can they be rooted in water? If not, and I use a peat/vermiculite mix do I need to keep it covered?

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They are easy but I would use the soil mix use 0.1% IBA (Rooting hormone) & mist several times a day (no cover) use a old windex bottle (etc.) to mist the plants

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For those of us not around to mist several times a day a cover or tent works fine as long as it is ventilated at least every other day. Al

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I've been using a 60% perlite, 40% planting mix with great success. Some professional gave me that formula. I also moisten this mix and dip the cuttings in willow water and 0.1% IBA.

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