Blossom end rot in bell peppers

ElisePTJuly 15, 2013

I have this great looking red pepper plant that had begun to produce fruit only to begin rotting at the bottom of the maturing fruit! After doing some research, I found based on pictures and description that this is blossom end rot. Everything I've read has been to prevent the problem prior to planting. Is there any way to fix the problem if the plant has been planted and growing in the ground for a while?


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You're too late to fix the problem now.

Also, check your Ph next time as wrong Ph will inhibit nutrient (calcium) uptake.

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If PH then why do mine some years I have blossom end rot and some years not. I never do anything to raise or lower PH. PH is likely same year after year.

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ldj1002: one would think that ph stays the same, but it doesn't. It can change throughout the year. Heavy rains and watering can leach out nutrients which would change it. Amending soil more one year than another could also do the same.

That's why adding OM to your soil is important -- it helps buffer those fluctuations. Allowing your plants to take up the nutrients they need.

There are also varieties of toms and peppers that are just more susceptible to BER.


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No, no, no. It isn't too late to fix the problem, it is just too late for those particular peppers. The plant will survive if you get it the calcium it needs. Remember, calcium is not a mobile nutrient. Leaves or fruit that are damaged from a lack of calcium can not be fixed but new growth will be fine.

The absolutely easiest way to fix this is to start feeding your plant some Cal-Mag mixed in the water. Follow the directions and don't over do it.

Next year, make sure egg shells are in the recipe for amending your soil. They will take time to break down into usable calcium to that won't help you this year.

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Elise: Check out this thread. It may help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: smokemaster's witch's brew

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