Help identify 7 Pot?

brian6464(4a)July 27, 2014

I received 20+ varieties of seed from a Gardenweb member this past spring. Included were both 7 Pot Yellow and 7 Pot Brain Strain. I was careful with all my seeding and labeling, so I know I have not mixed anything up.

One of my plants from 7 Pot Yellow seeds has pods turning red and one is still orangish-yellow. However, neither of them exhibit the wrinkled pods I would associate as 7 Pot.

Here is my red one with relatively smooth skin.

A close up of green pods on the same plant..

And the one that is still somewhat orange/yellow...

Lastly, one that was from seed labeled as 7 Pot Brain Strain which looks true...

I'm thinking the 7 Pot Yellow seeds maybe were mislabeled before they were sent to me?

Any thoughts as to what I might have with the plants from "7 Pot Yellow" seed? Are there 7 Pot varieties with smoother skin?


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The skin on the regular 7 Pot looks actually pretty normal in my experience. The ripe one looks bumpy enough to be called a 7 pot. Im sure some other more experienced users can tell you if I am wrong or not :)

Check out the picture.
Unless I am mistaken that looks pretty similar to the one you've got ripening on the bush.

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So even if it is a true 7 Pot pepper, what is the most likely variation? I assume the Yellow 7 Pot actually stays yellow. It certainly does not look like my other 7 Pot Brain Strain.

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I'm pretty sure someone at some point mixed up a traditional 7 Pot up with a Yellow 7 Pot. I'm pretty sure they start out yellow and ripen to red - even if they didn't, they wouldn't have gone from green to red to yellow. Yes, it is not a brain strain like your other ones. I think its just a regular old 7 Pot. Is it spicy like it should be?

Another thing is that companies will mislabel peppers to sell them, such as 'white bhuts' they are white at some point before full ripeness, but fully ripe they are red. Could be what you have here.

Edit: The picture of the yellow pepper is on the same plant as the green and red ones? Yes, that probably means that you have got one of those mislabeled breeds. They get marketed as yellow even though they ripen to red.

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The pic with the yellow one and the red one are different plants.

Do most superhot peppers go directly from green to red or do the go green to yellow to red?

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Most go directly from green to red.

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