clarification on umbrella plant propagation

vinyardSeptember 5, 2010

so, am I hearing that most of the stem on the leaf is cut off and then the leaf is totally submerged in water upside down until the roots are formed...and then it is place in soil with the roots down?

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There are several things WRONG with your plan 1) roots exposed to the air will dry out & die 2) there is a "up: & a "down" to the stem & if the stem (cutting) is stuck "up-side down" then it will not root. 3) the foliage if placed in water will soon rot etc.....
Since there are at least 4 species that have members called "umbrella plant" I will asume you mean a Schefflera spp. then take a cutting remove all but 1 leaf & then cut that leaf in half... apply 0.1% IBA (rooting hormone ) stick in well drained soil & mist taking 20-50 days to root.

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