Can I prune a 6-month old habanero plant?

MVR2014July 31, 2014

Is there such a thing as pruning an "old" pepper plant?

I live in Manila, Philippines, and it's the rainy season now. I have some habaneros under row covers in my garden, planted directly in the soil on the ground. They're about 6 months old. Some are about 24" in height, some are stunted in growth. I got big, fat fruits about two months ago.

I never pruned them, but now I am thinking of doing so as I wait for the rainy season to pass (they're under row covers, so they don't get overwatered.) Is it still okay to prune them, after they've flowered and all? I only see people pruning pepper plants that are small.

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Except in rare circumstances, I don't prune peppers unless I am planning on bringing them inside to over winter since my climate won't support perennial growing outdoors. If you have a temperate climate year round, then you probably don't want to do much pruning. I am not sure what the climate in the Philippines is like though.

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I want to prune to get a bushier plant, and to get more fruits.

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Needless to say I would think many here wish they had your problem, growing Habs as a perennial!

I used "pruning hot pepper plants for growth" in a GOOGLE search and found this.> How to Prune a Habanero Plant.

Hope this helps!

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