will seeds out of a green peppers grow?

scott123456(5)July 16, 2013

Do I have to wait for peppers that are traditionally harvest green, like jalapenos, to turn red before their seeds will grow when replanted? I want to save the seeds from peppers to replant next year. However, I donâÂÂt want to wait for peppers like banana peppers, pepperoncinis and jalapenos to turn red because I want to pickle them.

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Chances are.... No. Not saying it CAN'T happen, but germination rates would be very low.


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I'd harvest most for pickling but leave a couple for seeds,let them ripen to red.
All it takes is 1 pepper to set you up next year.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

NO Get red bell pepper and take seeds from that. You will have a better chance. All red peppers once were green and as they ripened, turned red.

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Well as I see everyone's post I hate to burst everyone's bubble.

I literally bought a green bell from the grocery store and harvested the peppers seeds. Planted 5-10 seeds and grew 5 plants, gave 3 to my parents. They do grow but you have to baby them, and they may not turn out looking exactly like a green bell mainly because you don't know the cross or generation of the pepper you bought. Mine are a little stubby but HUGE.

The bell peppers I DID NOT have any germination from are red, yellow, and purple.

So, I've had it work the past 2 years, want a picture?

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