Cayenne (?) harvest

Babka NorCal 9bJuly 27, 2014

Not sure what these chilies are, thinking now perhaps cayenne. Whatever they are, now that they are ripe, they have a hard skin and are tough for chewing fresh. Beautiful added whole to some dishes, where you get the flavor but don't want to eat the chili.

I didn't want to waste them, and it has been warm here so I didn't want to dehydrate them in the kitchen, and our sun is scorching hot and would probably bleach them as it does to our exposed tomatoes.

So I threaded a bunch on a string and hung them out on the deck. They get some sun thru the 2x2 overhead. Just an experiment for me.

Even if they don't do well, I sure am having fun seeing them as decorations from my recliner!

How do you dry yours?


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I just string them through the stems and put them in an open window that gets loads of sun.
They dry out pretty quickly that way :)

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Babka NorCal 9b

Tom 92- Where do you live? You don't give a zone or state or country. Don't they bleach out in the sun?


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I have these Cheyenne hanging by their stems in the kitchen window. I have 5 more on the plant that are turning red now. I'll probably use a few for seeds. Your peppers look good there. They make good decorations.

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Oh, Im sorry, I forgot to. I live in New Jersey, it isn't all that too bad here. They aren't in direct sunlight throughout the entire day due to the sun switching sides of the house at noon. No, I havent had my peppers loose any color from the sun.

Good luck with yours. :)

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