How to propagate a Nelly R. Stevens Holly?

whodaz(7)September 24, 2009

Hey there guys,

I'm trying to propagate a Nelly R. Stevens Holly and was wondering if you guys could me some tips/steps?


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Since no one has answered, I'll give it a try. Take some pencil sized cuttings. Cut off the tip. Leave only the top two leaves. Cut an X in the bottom of the cutting. Dust rooting hormone powder on the bottom. Plant the cutting in moist, sanitary potting mix. Spray very lightly with a dilute solution of fungicide. Cover with plastic, but don't let the plastic touch the cutting. Use chopsticks to hold the plastic baggie away. Open the baggie once a weed to let in air. Wait a few weeks or months for the roots to form.

I'm a hobby gardener, and this is how I would do it. THe professionals must have better advice, but since no one has answered ...


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