Cestrum nocturum pollination?

stefpix(6b NY [Brooklyn NY])September 19, 2011

I have Cestrum nocturnum (sometimes known as Night Blooming Jasmine) that is blooming and smells so good. Keeps blooming.I grew it from seeds someone sent me a couple of years ago. A few weeks ago I tried to pollinate it with a tooth pick but nothing happened. Do not think here in the north east there is a moth (most likely pollinator I think) that would pollinate it. Or is it self pollinating? How do you get seeds from it? I tried to propagate it by cuttings in water but nothing... any tips for propagation? thanks!


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try a paint brush to polinate the flowers but cuttings are best. (1) forget all about propagating in water
take a cutting at the junction of 2 leaf blades at a narrowing of the two blades.....allow to air dry then apply 0.1% IBA rooting hormone...stick in well drained but moist soil.

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stefpix(6b NY [Brooklyn NY])

Is water not good at all? will try as you say. how long the cutting and does it need a plastic bag on top?



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