Callusing Progression

rockstonegarden(5b (NS, Can))September 20, 2010

I have some witchhazel (american) which have been in my propigator for about three months. They have fourmed extensive and "tuberous" calluses on the cut, however they seem reluctant for form hair like roots. Though they seem otherwise healthy, i am worried they will perish soon. I have had this problem with other woodies, such as japaneese maples, and evergreens. My propigator is an aquarium with about 4" of perlite + some vermiculite in the bottom. I try to keep about 1" of water in the bottom. I used to use a hypersonic fogger but they havent lasted very long concidering the cost of the unit. I mist them ocassionally and they never seem to wilt. I use bottom heat, however i turned it off for the summer. I have some rooting powder and some vitiman B solution, but don't use it much. the propigator used a 2' plant light and it sits in a sunporch facing south and west. I have covered the west windows with BoPET foil to reflect the summer sun.

Does anyone have any suggestions of anyway to cause the calus tissue to express roots, or am i being an impatient control freek?

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I have had great success by thaling a tip cutting june or early july... apply 0.9% IBA (Rooting hormone.... notice strength) stick in well drained soil & mist taking 8-12 weeks to root.
It sounds like you are basically trying to proprogate in water... since it has callused.... remove from chamber, apply rooting hormone stick in well drained soil, mist & use bottom heat since it is cooling off.......

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rockstonegarden(5b (NS, Can))

thankyou yiorges

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

Yiorges, I am not farmilar with the term 'thaling a tip cutting '. Does the term mean rooting? PW

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