Sizzling solstice today! How do you handle

tobr24u(z6 RI)June 20, 2012

heat waves today and as a child? We had awnings for the windows but no fans or air conditioning. Our mother told us to stay still if we didn't want to sweat and we were allowed to go under the hose for awhile. Today I have central air! There is nothing like progress,,,

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I will be in the creamery in another hour where there is no AC and/or fans ... IOW kind of like being in a sauna :)

To be a child once more and run thru a sprinkler...

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

A creamery like a sauna? Shouldn't it have freezers? Well, you could go under a sprinkler when you get home...

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I'll be on public transit within 25's a crap shoot if there will be a/c...

I'll be in a sprinkler this evening!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

The roofers have been here all week. Tear-off of built up and install of new insulation and EPDM roof, 5 stories tall and it's HOT up there. They're supermen!

I usually supervise such work being done on my building, but not this week. A morning hello and walk around is sufficient. :)

I've got tons of Admin work to complete.

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You do not "freeze" cheese ... and the coolers are in another room. The "make room" is where I will be and as the name implies it is where we make the cheese.

"Curds and whey" all day today :)

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I don't think this is what they had in mind with HOT Topics.

I'm going to go do my outdoor work as soon as I finish this post. While it's still relatively cool. This afternoon I'm going to ride around in my air conditioned car and do some errands.

I stayed in the nearby lake as a kid, whether it was hot or not, but especially when it was hot.

I can recall older people saying that they'd go sit in the woods on very hot days. One lady once told me that the better hotels back then would hang wet sheets in your room to cool it off.


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I plan on getting my outdoor work done early, then hiding in AC for a while. The sun and heat tends to cause Lupus to do horrible things to my skin... so I must be careful.

Is anyone else with allergies and/or hayfever noticing a jump in symptoms this year? I'm not usually bothered until fall, when the ragweed come into bloom, but this year I've had terrible allergies to certain pollens earlier than normal.

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We got to play in the sprinklers or go to the public pool as a kids. Once a teen, we moved to Phoenix and had a pool.

I am just before the sun and get the outside chores done. But sometimes I work outside all day and jump in and out of the pool. If we horseback ride it's either before 6 a.m. or around 7 p.m. It can sometimes reach 100 before noon and I see people out riding. Too much for me!

Right now the front AC unit in the house is broken. We decided to wait a week for our nephew to fix it rather than calling someone else sooner. We keep the ceiling fans on high and jump in the pool if it gets too uncomfortable.

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I am on the bus to New York city right now and I am freezing.

My office will be freezing as it always is and there is a very good chance I will turn on the heater under my desk to warm my feet.

I suspect the afternoon bus will be broiling. Usually is on very hot days.

My son has baseball practice tonight and I am not unhappy that DH takes him. I will be home in the AC.

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Upper 90's for the next 3 daze here with little rain of late, I'll be playing with sprinklers but that involves moving them around to water the ever parching gardens during this critical ripening time....glad I invested in a new deep well a few years ago as it has saved the veggies from a dehydrated heat stoke fate. Cooler temps with lower 80's and hopefully a good rain expected next week.

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I've already been out and did some errands on foot in the city at 8:30 a.m. Back in the day, when growing up in Atlanta we had no a.c. at all, House was, however, surrounded by huge tall oak trees that created a lot of shade. We used fans at night. When I lived in a hot valley years ago, in West Virginia, again there was no a.c.. On hot nights, folks used to take pallets outside and sleep on porches or even under trees in the yard.

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Popsicles are a good way to cool down inside so that hot rooms are not so bad. And cheaper than bumping down the AC.

There are so many adult flavors available now. I love coconut. If you're in Atlanta, Athens GA, Decatur, GA or Folly Beach, SC, check out the King of Pops - they sell unusual flavors by push cart and post their locations daily.

Oh and I see they have some retail locations too!

Here is a link that might be useful: King of Pops flavors

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

I am pining away for some heat here at the coast where highs have consistently been in the mid 60's to low 70's and skies overcast and foggy. June Gloom is a plague for us trying to grow summer crops. Some years those kinds of days would last from early May into August. My tomato crop has just stopped setting fruit and those on the vines not ripening very fast. I should be harvesting 10 to 20 lbs of tomatoes a week, minimum, and am getting only a few pounds.

When I was growing up, none of us had AC in NH. On torrid days we relied on fans, sometimes with blocks of ice in front of them. That was one trick my aunt used to draw customers for the restaurant.

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I will be at work which is freezing from April to October with air conditioning overkill.
For seniors or people without air conditioning the City lists 4 cooling centers withing a few blocks.
At home there's an air conditioner in the bedroom, kitchen & living room, 2 living room ceiling fans, 1 in the bedroom & 1 in the kitchen that keeps things circulating.

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I was a kid in fl without ac, so nothing the North rolls out seems unbearable. Teenager in fl doing outdoor work, so working outdoors here is not generally unbearable, but due to my advanced age of 48 I do try to avoid being out in the middle of the day this time of year. The field work this year has been so much easier than last year due to the cool weather.

I'm looking forward to some humidity and real June weather.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

As a kid, walk to the beach and crew on a sailboat, go swimming all day if nobody needed me or take out my own little boat and circumnavigate the harbor for the 1000th time. Slip and slide in the backyard, make "hawaiian punch" with sugarwater and red food dye - freeze some to make popsicles for later, play stickball at the schoolyard 'til it got too hot then go to Mac's deli for lemonade and italian ices, meander around in the air conditioned magnificence of Bohack's or Levine's with the other kids 'til they asked where our parents were and made us leave.... then head straight to Schoelles' Pharmacy to do exactly the same thing, lie on my belly on the cool flagstone patio and watch the ants.

Today, after work maybe I'll sit on the front porch and drink beer under the ceiling fans or maybe I'll just install the window ac and cower indoors.

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david52 Zone 6

On Sunday, I took my kids to the Denver Zoo. Official NOAA temperature was 98F, inside the zoo 102F, and the humidity, while below 50%, was still 5-8 times what we're used to out here.

We had trouble, daughter about fainted, ended up taking her to a first aid station for ice packs and a ride out to the car with a golf cart.

So much for $45 worth of tickets.

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When it's really hot we go swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, waterskiing, tubing etc.

When we're onshore, lake effect cooling and shade trees make things quite comfortable.

It generally gets fairly cool at night, especially on the Northern Lakes.

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Same now as a child. Lemonade, shade, and the pool!

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Like pn, I was raised in central Florida with no ac. Summertime chores seemed endless, especially stacking hay in the barn loft.
My first summertime paying job was spreading hot tar on flat roofs. No fun but at least I got paid for it.
Now, working outside is for my pleasure. I just dread Winter. Temps below 60 are aggravations, so I'm planning on spending February backpacking through Central America. Fun to be retired @ 63.

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As a child we had no AC..just fans. But I was a kid, now I really cannot bear it. It will be 98 today and tomorrow with indexes way above 100. I even keep the dogs inside. I have four window AC's, and this wooded lot keeps it 15 degrees cooler than when you step out of my yard. Supposedly it will last a short time. I don't know how people coped last year with a month or more of plus 100 days. I'd never leave my house.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Like Marshall, June gloom here today.

Summer in coastal SoCal; maybe haul out the fan for a day or two or three. The last two years I didn't use the fan at all. I'm expecting to have my third year of tomato crop failure.

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I went out early this morning and planted bean seeds. A rabbit dug a hole under the fence and ate all of the beans I had planted earlier in the year. I didn't water the seeds in since more rain was predicted.

It seems like we didn't used to have hot, hot humid weather until August, but June has felt more like the Augusts of my childhood memory.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I use a multicultural approach to the heat. I get up early for watering the plants, try to take care of any outside stuff before 9. Then I am inside for my job. When the first half of my shift is over at 3 I will have a siesta under the ceiling fan. We will probably have dinner on the east porch where it is cooler in the evenings than inside. Around 7 it is more pleasant outside so I will try and get a plant or 2 in the ground, or I may just sit on the porch and read. The kids are instructed to stay inside during the worst part of the heat.

I remember being 9 months pregnant with my 2nd in July in Palm Springs with no A/C. I would take a shower and then just stand in front of the fan. That was heaven. We do have a swamp cooler here in NM but we do not turn it on, I would much rather use water on my plants. Not to mention it is on the metal roof and by the time we decide we might like to use it, it is rather warm for DH to be up there putting in pads, etc.

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June has been like August til today.

Steve, what town did you grow up in? One thing I'll never forget is shoveling peanut shells in the middle of mid-summer in florida.

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pn, we had 14 acres between Gainesville and Micanopy. Mom and Dad were entrepreneurs: they bought two Quonset huts and turned them into cheap duplex rentals for College students. One of my least fond memories is dipping out overflowing septic tanks and wheelbarrowing it far enough into the woods that the tenants wouldn't smell it.
OTOH, we had a large family of farmers in our church, who treated the whole congregation to watermelon cuttings and cauldrons of boiling peanuts several times a year.
All-in-all, it was good way to grow up. I learned to work, milk the cow at an early age, fix the old John Deere tractor, mend fences and run from the occasional alligator.
We might have complained about the heat but we never stopped working until Dad said we were done.

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I grew up in SW Iowa where it was hot and muggy all summer long. I couldn't wait for Labor Day as I knew then that the horrible heat was over with for another year. No AC. My sister and I often would sleep on the floor in front of the clothes chute which brought up cooler basement air. Running through the sprinkler and swimming in the community pool were ways to keep cool, also.

Today is a sunny day. We are having our third straight year of low temps and clouds most of the time. It's great sleeping, tho'. Temps rarely get above 70. We turned our furnace on to take the chill off as late as June 9. I don't know if I'm bragging or complaining as I know I wouldn't want to be in the heat which is everywhere but the West Coast. But, I'd like it to warm up a few degrees. I'm growing two tomato plants in pots on the deck. We'll see if we get any tomatoes before fall. Planted my veggies late as the ground was too cold for anything to germinate before the end of May. Except for beans and zucchini, all my "crops" are cool weather crops. I learned two years ago not to waste my time on other crops when the spring is so cold and wet.

We bought a 10,000 btu portable air conditioner a few years ago and use it about 5 or 6 days each summer - except last summer we didn't even take it out. Looks like it might be a repeat this year. But, we have it "just in case".

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Right now, my swimming pond is being widened and deepened by a man with a big machine. Othewise, I hang around inside, where there are two old fashioned fans on. The house is surrounded by a forest and there is a light breeze. Tonight, I will sleep outside in a tent.
It may take a few days before the pond is swimmable, so, if necessary, I will go to my friend's cottage just a few miles from here, take a dip in the river, with only the Mennonites and their horses on the old-fashioned bridge to see me and I will drink her beer. I know where she keeps it!

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I've actually been working out in the heat all day... but in the shade. And since we've had to run soaker hoses and rain birds, I've been getting hit by the sprinkle of a rain bird as it passes around. I try to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, or the occasional Gatorade, or whatever is available.

It must be 90 something in the shade! It's hot out there! But I did get a lot done, and can now incorporate the new wrought iron trellis right into the garden by moving a little edging and planting the spaces I've made by removing the sod. All I really did was widen an area on each side, but getting all the roots from grass removed by hand in tight areas can be hard work! Plus, the weed pulling is never ending!

I'm beat. And my eyes are swollen from pollen, and I have tiny blisters from Lupus developing all over my back, arms and neck. I'm a mess, and I hurt so bad... I still want to go get pictures taken of the Lilies and Roses and new Daylilies in bloom.

When we were kids, we had the hose and sprinklers, and then we got the kiddie pools. When we got older, we had a very nice and large pool behind the house, half in-ground, and half out... but no one ever wanted to clean it, so my parents took it out.

I recall having swimmer's ear so bad one year... all of us kids had it... and I think the drops to cure it hurt worse than the problem, itself!

Please... everyone be very careful... tomorrow is supposed to be very hot with a high heat index on the east coast. I don't know what the rest of the nation looks like... I haven't checked yet.

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The office where I work has a thermostat in the office suite that controls the heat in winter, but seems to go dormant in summer when the air conditioning is on, apparently the building has some kind of central control of the air, not the individual tenants in their suites. My desk is directly under an air vent that spews cold air down all day, whether I want it or not, and am powerless to do anything about it. I don't have a thermometer in there, but I guess the temp is often in the mid to upper 60s. The hotter outside, the colder inside. So, even on this 95 degree Detroit day, I had to wear a sweater vest over a dress shirt at work, and then look stupid and take it on and off when I went out at lunch, etc.

It's actually not bad outside in the shade, because the dew point here is relatively low, 57, and there is a stiff breeze from the WSW at about 20 to 25 mph. Makes it tolerable when I go out very shortly to water, which is about a two hour task with several hundred containers.

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Let's all go over with ninamarie.

Where I come from we would open the windows in the summer to let that warm air in, closing them to keep the hot air out is all wrong. Six months ago it was 60 degrees colder than this and I was complainin'. I don't know how to handle such extremes.

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....came home from work and headed straight for the shower and made an attempt to cool my body down. You think this forum is hot? HA ... come spend a day in the make room where the temps were over 100 degrees today.

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Yesterday we hit a record high low of 69. Tomorrow will be 94.

We sold off our first born in March to replace the entire heating/air conditioning system because the air conditioner bit the dust on the very last day of hot weather last year and the heater was old and ready to go.

So, I had better not be too hot come tomorrow or Trane will hear from me!

Here, in what is supposed to be the desert, the heat builds all day and the high is reached sometime between 5 and 5:30 PM and is then in the house until about 4am. We do keep the air on but save bumping down until right before we go to bed when the heat has settled into everything and the house can be oppressive at night. We have ceiling fans in every room and use them, a standing fan in the bedroom and use both the ceiling fan and the standing fan at night.

We replaced every window about four years ago so we have done what we can to keep this house reasonably comfortable in extreme temps without goig overboard on the air conditioner. We never did go overboard on the heater as we like a cool house especially at night and would just layer up if it got chilly in the house.

I love spring and fall, nothing is running except my night fan which I can't live without - we save a ton of mooney then.

I lived in the deepest deep south for a lot of years. Never ever got used to it, ever, it is one reason why we moved here - (we had been stationed here decades ago for a couple of years) - little humidity and a full four seasons without extremes (except from mid July to mid August when triple digits are common for weeks straight sometimes) instead of wet hot,hotter and a couple of days of chilly wet air in the deep winter.

The second year after we bought this house we had striped deep red and green canvas awnings made to go a over the front windows which get the hottest sun for about four hours during the afternoons.

They are a help and are very pretty too, especially with window boxes stuffed with colorful trailing petunias from sprig - fall.

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I'm soaking wet and the sprinkler is wonderful! Wipe a few puddles off the floor and I'm heading back out. We've got a neighborhood sprinkler session going!

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It usually doesn't get too hot up here; few have air conditioning. But when it does get warm, say in the 80's or above, man do people whine!

But that's okay. When we say: "go jump in the lake", we mean it in a nice way. :)

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Almost 100 today. My Prius said 104 but the weather guy said 99. So I'm walking the dogs now at a cool 83. I hate summer.

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We didn't have air conditioning till 1967 and we were not allowed to turn it on till it reached 90. We would stroll The Grand Concourse & Fordham Rd going in and out of air conditioned stores or we would take a 20 minute ride on the bus over to the beach.
Today was freezing at work!

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Already praying for October. Any yard work is done early morning or early evening. Highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s for the next 4 months with high humidity ... meaning even overnight there's never a break.

As a kid in northern Indiana we had the natural coolness the basement provided and a small bedroom with a window a/c where the TV was located along with my mom's sewing machine. A window fan in my brother's room provided the only cooling breeze for the second floor bedrooms.

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.....another scorcher, another day in the makeroom. We are promised a cold front with rain tonite, yes please.

The little bit of lettuce that was left gave up the ghost, the tomatoes, basil, green beans and peppers are doing well.

Glad they like the "heat" :)

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Oh, good point, Mylab! Ceiling fans can help a lot in saving money... by distributing warm or cold air more evenly. We keep two fans running on low, switching their direction depending on winter or summer. They keep our little upstairs apartment much more even in temperature.

Keeping filters clean or changed in AC or furnaces helps immensely, too. We have no choice but to run AC, or we'd bake to death... but I run the unit on "power saver" mode, and we keep maintenance up.

We're supposed to get a reprieve from the heat in a few days in my area... down into the 80's.

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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

yesterday I was outside supervising a bunch of kids up here from down south offering the town free labor. As a board member of our histprical society, each of us had to take a turn this week, while the kids scraped and painted, as well as cutting back brush, and generally beautifying a 17th century farm we have here in town as a museum. So much for trying to beat the heat!! Now I'm about to head back to my own project-- very appropriately-- putting together a steam shower. :-)

So far:

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Even my sheerest manties might due today, I might have to go bare aspirin...

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You reminded me. Why oh why do I always have to move from one place to another in summer? Lugging boxes in/out. Or up into the attic. Last time around, we decided to put in insulation after putting the boxes up there. Insulation installation-in an attic-in the South-during late summer-has to be the worst. Right after putting in steam showers. UGH!

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We have a gardening tour arriving here in a few hours. I suspect it will be a very fast tour.

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Yesterday's highs must have been around 100 in most of the continent, I should think. It was 94 here.

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Relief yesterday and today! it's beautiful and cool this morning!

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Relief yesterday and today! it's beautiful and cool this morning!

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Ditto here JMC plus we got a little rain last night which is always welcome.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Yes, that certainly bears repeating...

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Yesterday's highs must have been around 100 in most of the continent, I should think. It was 94 here.

"Only" 88 in my area near Atlanta yesterday.

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I was in Houston on the longest day.
Massive downpours during lunchtime for two days this week cooled things off a bit, but yesterday was a scorcher, and the forecast is for high nineties back here now that I'm home. I just got back from town and the heat and humidity were cranking up.

A second round of bronchitis has been aggravated by the heat and my digging in the ground trying to find a leak in my sprinkler system, so now that I have succumbed to agreeing to another round of antibiotics (but definitely not another one of those blasted Dosepaks) I'm staying inside this weekend in the air conditioning and taking it easy, although I should be working in the yard. I do not like the fact that it's more difficult to shake off illnesses than years ago.

As a child we only had electric stand fans that could cut your fingers off if you got near them, "water cooler" fans that fit in a window, and the dirt sucking attic fan which about tore the sheer curtains off my bedroom window but let me sleep like a baby.

I recall sitting on the porch early morning and late afternoon with my grandmother shelling peas or butterbeans and it seems a breeze here and there, along with a dish of ice cream with Hawaiian Punch concentrate poured over it and a cherry, or a Mountain Dew, helped cool us down.

We installed central air conditioning when I was ten years old, and that's about the time we got air conditioning in the automobiles, too.

I keep it fairly warm in this house to save energy (around 77)and keep the ceiling fans on, but at night turn the thermostat down to 71 degrees AND run the overhead fan on high. The heat builds up on the west side of the house and it's suffocating at night.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

We've been having highs between 68-70 for a couple weeks. The four-five days of clear skies and warmer weather (highs 74+) before this current run of June gloom gave the plants a growth spurt, but now the heat-lovers (everything is relative in coastal SoCal) are not progressing.

During the warmer afternoons / evenings, the scent of brugmansia, night-blooming and star jasmine was heavenly.

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