Propagating a Paulownia Elongata

whodaz(7)October 31, 2009

Hello there..

I would like to know how can I Propagating a Paulownia Elongata.. please let me know. thanks

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

The most common species of Paulownia (P. tomentosa) is a very common invasive in the NE states. P. elongata is very similar and I suppose would be as easy to propagate. P. tomentosa produces literally millions of seeds which are a fluffy light-colored flake about 1 mm in diameter with a denser darker center. These sprout into tiny seedlings after winter stratification. I do mean tiny!! Seed leaves are less than 1/16 " diameter. Plants grow at a rate you can not believe reaching transplant size in a short time and can reach 2-4 foot in the first season.

Commonly grown for an accent plant it may be cut to the ground in winter and will send up 10 foot or more of growth with leaves up to 2 foot across in 1 season. Grown for timber, it should reach usable size in 25-30 years here in the Mid-Atlantic states. Flowers are lovely with an intense sweet odor which is nearly overpowering in some instances. When leaves fall after frost, the oder is horrible as they liberate butyric acid on decomposition (think of very smelly socks or tennis shoes).


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that sounds amazing but the only thing is that I dont like plants or trees that spread.. anyways just to know is it possible to propagate this type of tree by cuttings?

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Root cuttings are the standard method of propagating this plant using cuttings......

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sounds good.. If I get a 2in root cutting from its mother how long will it take to see some growth.. about 30 days?

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Today, most Paulownias are grown from clippings and will have a growth rate you get similar to a coppiced tree. From seed it grows 1-5 feet the first year and can grow more if you baby it. If it isn't the desired length you cut it to the ground in the late autumn or late winter/early spring. If you take good care it can sometimes grow over 20 feet the first season and take only 7-10 years to be of harvistable age. IF you take lots of care over it during the first years, otherwise it take as long as geoforce said.

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The following two videos from New Era Farms have videos of propagation of paulownia seeds and root cuttings.

For more information on paulownia you might also read the attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: PanAmerican Properties on Paulownia

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Pls,send me paulownia tree plantation and take carring video footage.

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