My Aji Panca's still have no flowers!

naturemitch(3/4 WI)July 14, 2013

Hi all-

My Aji Pancas look great, but still have no flowers. Has anyone had any experience with them and had slow flower development?

My Habaneros and Black Cobras have been blooming for a good 1-1/2 weeks now...and I thought I had blossoms coming on the Pancas....but it just turns out to be more leaves!

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Par for the course, They are big, tall, late developing plants that need to be started very early in the season. It's a good thing you have that setup, it'll protect it from the first couple of frosts, and allow some pods to ripen (noticed your climate zone).

I do see that new split off the main stalk, that may end up producing flowers, if not then i bet the next split will have flowers. Make sure you ease up on the nitrogen part of the ratio at this point (N.P.K.), otherwise they will just keep producing green growth. The pot size may hold that plant back from it's full huge potential, just consider 2013 an experimental year with it. It looks like a great candidate for overwintering btw.

I'm growing Aji Yellow #2 this year, and the plant is very similar to the Aji Panca's i've grown in the past. One of them grew 3ft tall before producing it's first true split with flowers. They are potentially huge monstrous plants.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

Thanks so much sjetski! Thankfully I started them way back when. I have a couple in 3 gallon pots and 1 or 2 in 4.5 gallon pots.

We had a cold, wet spring and they were not happy back then! The ones in the larger pots suffered the most, but bringing them into the greenhouse helped ALOT. I will certainly plan on overwintering a couple like you said.

Yes, I have learned a number of things with certain varieties this year. Had no clue this variety grew this big and flowered this late. I sure hope for a few mature pods!

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

Almost forgot....I use Foliage Pro, 9-3-6. Think this is OK for continued use?

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Foliage pro will be ok for a little while longer, but like i said before, it has high nitrogen so it will promote green growth more than anything else. From the sound of it, that's what you are trying to avoid.

A good and inexpensive product, with the right NPK numbers, is Espoma Tomato-Tone. You can find it at most big box stores for under $10. It's a partial slow-release formula so you wouldn't want to fertilize a pepper plant every week with it. Tomato plants can take a bit more though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato-tone

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