After Hermine

the_first_kms2(8/9)September 13, 2010

Somehow or another this storm stayed together long enough to give us 40mph sustained winds and gusts around 70mph for 1-2 hours. And about 10 inches of rain in 24 hrs. I was lucky enough to only have one major branch break (You can see it picture 1) and about six smaller (new growth) branches.

These are all cell phone pics.

Two of my common yellows:

My Don Ho:

at my office:

another common yellow

same common yellow yesterday

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Lucky! Those are great trees you have there. They must like you a lot.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Nice plants. Heck, that's what my yard and plants look like after a minor thunderstorm!

You can pound a two-foot rebar down thru the pot and into soil to keep plants upright during storms. It's a little more of a problem on your patio area (at work?), ...maybe using bungee cords connected to the top of the wall. These plants do get top-heavy.

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They sure got thrown around a little! But you have some BEAUTIFUL trees there! Ive always wondered how they manage to survive hurricanes since they get thrown around in the slightest wind.

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Thanks for the compliments and suggestion on rebar. I have a micro climate on my home's west elevation which I winter them. A big rebar with a 90 degree bend in the top part might be a good solution. Then I could leverage the rebar out to move when cold threatens. I was using those big rocks (which destroyed my daylilies, cannas, and hibiscus when they got tipped).

At my office i used cheap metal tent stakes which were wiggled in between those raised pavers to help stabilize the trees when they were first transplanted into the 24 gal pots. four point stabilization worked great. Just kept tripping on them and took them down in June. I hadn't seen the maintenance guy place those blocks underneath to help them drain faster. Note that one stayed upright. Also note the run-off scoured slope in the background. The dirt in our parking garage now.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Those pictures make me remember storms and Hurricanes that we have here in Virginia Beach!! I have to tie down all of my trees to the deck and the ones down on the ground I use larger rocks...but next year, the rebar will be on the "buy list" at Lowes!!! I also had some damage from our last storm/Hurricane (Earl), but all of your trees look like they have rebounded nicely (especially the common yellow).

Thanks for letting us see the real damage from strong winds and huge gusts....

Laura in VB

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We had the torrential rain in Cen Tex, but all my plumerias managed to stay upright. Guess I was lucky. Of course, mine are nowhere near as large as kms2's. I put the plastic pots into large, heavy clay pots which seem to work pretty well at anchoring them.

My neighbor puts her very tall trees behind the hedges that line her house so the deer keep off the trunks and they don't blow over in their 5-gallon pots. Yes, she has three 8ft. trees still in 5-gallon pots that seem to do fine and are blooming beautifully right now!

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Those storms sure can be wicked! I have friends in the Burnett and Buchanan Dam areas. They had tons of rain also. One friend's huge camper got destroyed by flooding. That's one reason I live in Ohio!!!!! Rene'

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