what type of plumeria is this?

plumienewbie2September 20, 2012

I've succeeded in doing the (almost) impossible: I got my plumeria to bloom in northern illinois! But now I'm wondering, what type of plumeria do I have?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Welcome Plumienewbie2!

Congratulations !!

What a beautiful bloom!!

You have done a great job with this lovely tree. Look at the size of your inflo!! Awesome!!

I don't know what your tree could be, hopefully someone can possibly give you some leads..

Take care,


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It's beautiful. Hopefully we can find out what it is!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

That is beautiful! Congrats!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Very nice! ... but it's a fairly common hybrid color combination so that might narrow it down to maybe about 30 cultivars, if it is even a named one...or it could be just an unidentified seedling.

Likely you'll never know.

What is its history? Where did you obtain it?

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Oh goodness! Well I guess I'll never know! =3 And actually, I got my cutling from an ABC store in Honolulu.... the packaging said it was supposed to bloom white flowers. Whoops. My other plumeria is starting to show the beginning of bud growth, so it should bloom within the next month. :)

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coke_nut(9b Orlando)

Nice. This looks to me like a couple different ones, it could be.There are several that look a like as far as colors.. I might say it would be either a Kipahulu or a Baronet Sometimes your fragrance will give it away and also the stem from the flower. I have one book called The Exotic Plumeria a pictorial vol 1. And I also have a catalog from The Exotic Plumeria.I hold these two books really close to me, they both have a lot of info and pics in them. You can go to www.exoticplumeria.com there online catalog and look these up and see what you think. They are a bit pricy though. Hope this helps.

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Possibly a Tillie Hughes Seedling. Those cuttings sold in retail stores are generally grown by nurseries on the Hilo side of the big island. They are extremely good bloomers and fragrant. The flowers are 3-4 inches across and long lasting. I have several of those that are large trees and you can smell them from the end of the driveway when in bloom. I have called them Generic Pink or Give Away Pink. Its a great plant to start with.

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coke_nut(9b Orlando)

Really nice ! Could be a Texas Fiesta,Napilli,Caya Cay,Leilani,Wailea,Charlotte Elbert,or even a Polynesian Red. There seems to be so many different names for the same color flowers. LOL. Hope this helps.

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coke nut - that's what drives me crazy... so many so similar. But, how Texas Fiesta performs for you could be totally different for me in my area. Now, that's what I love about them! LOL

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coke_nut(9b Orlando)

moonie 57

I agree. LOL.Got 2 love them.:)

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