landscaping a soggy wet backyard, flood zone

AnnietheboxerFebruary 14, 2013

We recently moved into our new home. Our backyard is about 1/2 acre and it is always as wet as a sponge. The back corners of our backyard are in a flood zone. Our neighbor's property to the side of us is a couple of inches higher and their water flows into our yard. When we moved in, we build a french drain in the middle of backyard. The backyard is still always wet. How can we landscape to push water to one corner of yard and to avoid taking in all our neighbors water?

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Well the most important thing is to fix the drainage. I would highly recommend you pay for (if you can at all afford it and you might avert more costly disaster later - a flood into your home) a drainage expert and should be a landscape ARCHITECT would be the one. Please do not think a flood cannot happen that this house has never flooded. I am a flood "survivor" and have seen many houses flooded. Just watch the news and you won't believe how many little streams and rivers have carried houses away. Not to be overly dramatic but I'm on a crusade I guess. Please also have flood insurance - really. The next thing would be to possibly build a pond, "dry" stream bed (will be wet during flood times), and / or "rain gardens." The bad news is all these things won't really work if the whole yard basically floods and the draninage really needs to be fixed first. Sorry and good luck. Laurie

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