Really tall plumaria on skinny base

gardenscents(8)September 1, 2010

I have a 7' plumaria which is seriously top heavy which I have supported against a fence, but need to bring inside in October. I'll be cutting the leaves off but it has 4 huge branches with loads of flower thingies at the top and makes it very wide. Should I cut it back or just stake it? I hate to lose any blooms next year as it just started blooming this year - stark white flowers with a tiny bit of yellow in the middle. Should I just cut in half and let it branch out next year? Will it branch out?

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Sounds like it needs a bigger pot to allow the trunk and root system to develop. IMO Its not a good idea to cut a branch in the middle of its span.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

It's your call and it's hard to give advice without seeing a picture of the plant, but you might try to selectively prune one or two of the longest branches before you bring it in (then do the same at the end of the following growing season). Leave at least 12" of a branch 'stump' so it has something to regrow from. Hopefully it will send out two or more tips near the cut. Keep in mind if you cut ALL the branches back you will likely not get flowers next season. So leave at least two branches and tips for flowers. Flowers develop on mature growth, not on the thin, new, soft green growth.

Big, lanky plumerias can be difficult to train sometimes. They want to be trees! That's why I'm trying to cultivate the more compact varieties.

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