New seeds or not??

ruthzAugust 14, 2014

I seem to be having odd pepper problems this year.
For starters germination wasn't good.
I winter sowed Beaver Dam, Black Hungarian and a few others more than once with NO success.
Now the plants I do have seem to have smaller peppers and some aren't producing at all.
My jalapeno's aren't much bigger than Serrano's.
Georgia Flame is smaller than past years.

Anybody else experiencing this?
Would starting out with new commercial seeds help for next year?

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It has been so hot this year in central CA. all my peppers are stunted and only some are flowering now that it has cooled ten degrees. My Scotch Bonnets have started producing and out of ten different suppers only the reapers show buds even Thai's that by this time last year had produced lbs of powder have two flowers so don't feel alone. I myself have started looking forward and try and overwinter what I can and start my seeds earlier.
As far as starting seeds there are so many ways that are all the best but just not for everyone. I use black magic and a mister for watering and get 80% or so germination and my first time with potting soil got one start out of a hundred seeds. All you can do is try and learn or buy peppers at the store. Good Luck for the future and join the not a good year club for now

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Down here south of you in Bastrop County, we're having a good year. The hotter it gets, the more flowers the Bhuts and habs put on.
I side dress with bone meal and 13-13-13 twice a month and drip twice a day with sprayers that wet the side dressed area so the water can carry the nutrients to the roots.
It may be where you're getting your seeds. I've had some hybrids that don't grow true, or even germinate. I've always had good luck with tomatogrowerssupply...

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Tom, I don't normally grow hybrids because I like to save my seeds.
But this year I am growing Jalapeño Jalafuego (new seeds from Botanical Interest). They are the ones that are turning red and aren't much bigger than a Serrano. And some of the plants are still small and stunted looking.
I started all of these seeds indoors in January.
They are all in raised beds and pots.
I used mushroom compost and Black Kow when I transplanted them.

Beaver Dam is one of my favorites and I planted seeds 3 times with no luck, even trying to direct sow in my raised bed. Last year Beaver Dam did great.
Most of the seeds probably came from GW trades and Botanical Interest and seeds I've saved, so I don't know how old they are. Or if they have crossed with other peppers. That's why I thought I might have better luck with new seeds.

I prefer to buy non GMO seeds from companies not owned by Monsanto.
The problem with buying plants at the store is they never have the kind I want.
They all carry the same common ones.

What potting soil do you all use for starting your seeds?

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A seed is either going to germinate and grow into a plant or it isn't. I've never considered age of the germinated seed to be a factor in stunted growth or production.

Consider your practices when stunting is an issue. Did you plant out too early? Were they severely rootbound? Did you amend your soil early enough for acclimation? Are you watering too frequently that the roots never got a chance to dig in deep? When saving seed, are you saving seed from a nice large one for that variety? When starting the seedlings, did you have sufficient light and warmth for them to develop into nice, healthy seedlings? ... those kind of things.

You might try this -- pick all fruit, and hopefully(with more growth) the next flush of fruit gets back to more normal.

As far as starting seeds, now would be a good time to "test" germinate using the paper towel/baggy method.

As far as seed starting mix, MG orchid mix with some added perlite works well for me.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I'm only growing one pepper at the moment, but it's doing fine here in DFW.

I suspect that you might have over-amended your soil. That Black Kow seems to be pretty potent. The situation will correct itself in time.

I have been using MGMC as a starting medium, having tried 5:1:1. With the MGMC I here in TX I would add perlite.


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