Blue Star Creeper (Laurentia Fluviatilis, Isotoma)

janet_ann(Z6 (NJ))October 1, 2006

Blue Star Creeper (Laurentia Fluviatilis, Isotoma) has been the ONLY plant (in 10+ years) that I've grown sucessfully between my stepping stones.

I probably needed the "invasive nature" of this plant in my situation.

Anyway, because I need to plant between a pretty big stretch of stepping stones, I welcome any suggestions on propagating it.

I presume it must be propagated from the plant itself because my search for seeds was a failure. (I seem to have bad luck with ANY seeds anyway.)

So two questions:

1. Must I take part of the root system (divide the plant) to propagate, or can I simply plant the "above surface" cuttings? (I hate to disturb their root systems because I finally got something to take hold, and also there is an abundance of "above surface" growth that could be trimmed before it dies off in the upcoming Winter.)

2. In any case, should I presume propagation works best in Spring, or could I take some cuttings NOW (before they die in the Winter), and then root (somehow) and overwinter them in my house/garage/porch for planting next Spring? I have some "ROOT JUICE" Cloning Gel, and some decent sunlight on my enclosed porch.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you,

Janet (Zone 6 -- New Jersey)

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I think that dividing the plants is the best idea at this point in the year. Then in the summer, when new growth firms up a bit, take cuttings. Maureen

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janet_ann(Z6 (NJ))

Thanks Maureen,

I think I'll just wait until next spring and buy more plants, and then divide them up (rather than disturbing the root systems already in place between the stones).

Thanks again for your reply.


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whichever you do add some lime in spring...they love it

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janet_ann(Z6 (NJ))

Thanks bobbygil!

Do I ask for "Lime" fertilizer?

(Sorry, I'm very bad with garden jargon & don't know about fertilizers!)


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