Storing Persimmon Scion

palazzophoto(8)October 30, 2013

I have collected some scion wood from various american and asian persimmon trees in the area and am storing them in the refrigerator in freezer bags with damp newspaper.
Do you think if i wait till March to graft them they will still be good or do i greatly reduce the chance of them "taking" by keeping them in the fridge for such a long period of time?

I am looking for anyone who has had first hand experience with storing scion for longer periods of time and the results that they experienced. thanks!

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I have read that shortly after collecting scion material, it is recommended sealing the cut ends of the scion with water-based sealant such as latex paint or tree seal. The sealed ends retard scion dehydration. Apply sealant to any area where the cambium has been broken. Folks have recommended dipping scions into 10 percent chlorine, 90 percent water solution. This is optional and a good idea when bringing in scions from
outside your home orchard, especially if you do not know the scionâÂÂs origin. Sanitizing helps reduce the risk of spreading disease. Dip scions in bleach solution after sealant has dried, because the solution
may damage any exposed cambium tissue.
Bundle like scion varieties together. Individual scion bundles should already be labeled. Most gardners who graft will tell you that proper storage will allow you to keep the scion up to 90 days before grafting.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Do I detect a Rand-Paul-like response in this thread? thing Charlie forgot to copy was that the scions need to be placed in a plastic bag (I use the extra large Ziplock/Hefty/etc freezer-type bags).

Dipping the ends is not really a necessity. It probably is a good idea, but I don't do it. The USDA's NGRP, at least from all of my experience with them, doesn't either.

Another thing that I think got lost in the original article is that the 10% figure is not 10% chlorine (yes, I know that's what it says). The original author almost certainly was referring to using 1 part sodium hypochlorite (normal household) bleach (already diluted considerably to somewhere around 5%) with 9 parts water. A truly 10% solution would be pretty dang strong!

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Article

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I dunno. I usually collect my scionwood while it's dormant - usually in late Feb, and on into March here in southern KY.
Fall-collected scions? - I'm presuming yours weren't even dormant yet in z8 - don't know how much success you'll have with them.

If you can go back and collect truly dormant scions during mid to late winter, before they begin 'awakening', I think you'll likely have better success - and they will 'keep' for months. I've grafted as late as mid-June (probably could go longer, but usually don't have free time available) with dormant-collected scionwood stored in the fridge.

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Where can I get scion wood? looking for persimmon, mango (mallika variety), jujube and guava.

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