Cinnamon in place of rooting hormone

wazupwitdat(7)October 22, 2013

Has anyone used Cinnamon in place of rooting hormone? I just saw it on pintrest and wanted to know if anyone here uses it and does it really work.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Cinnamon is not a substitute for rooting hormone. It can't act as the plant auxin hormone which is what rooting hormone chemicals do. Cinnamon might work well for fungicide applications (which is sometimes included in commercial hormone rooting mixes), but that's doesn't mean that cinnamon can be a replacement for rooting hormone.

You may not always need rooting hormone (depending on what you are propagating), but, when you do, don't depend on cinnamon to do the job. If it's a fungicide you need, maybe cinnamon might be an answer.

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Thanks for the info it was mentioned as a fungicide in addition to a rooting hormone I was a little too excited looking at my humungous bottle of cinnamon sitting their.

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